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  1. I actually collect shots of guys wearing period shirts. I will have to scan some for you.
  2. I'm originally from the Sturbridge, MA area but am now in Vermont!
  3. Hey Skip, There are no markings but I agree that it is pretty well made. I tried to find a similar example online but I can't quite find another. Was hoping it was one of the better-known small makers. Thanks Brennan
  4. Hey Guys, I picked this knife up today at a local junk store/antique store that usually puts aside military items for me when they get them. I picked this up today and have no idea what I'm looking at. It appears to be hand made and bears no obvious markings. Rust and pitting to the blade and some corrosion to parts of the leather washers. A head scratcher but it is the same size as a F/S commando dagger. Any ideas? The store also had a New Guinea souvenir knife that came from the same local house on a buying trip. Thanks!
  5. Here's a great shot from my collection of a 7th AD patch that is riveted on.
  6. Incredibly I posted this on facebook and someone came up with a reference in a recent book that perfectly identifies this situation...
  7. Hey Guys, I mainly collect WWI and WWII photography. In this case, I've been going through a series of negatives I purchased and found a great shot taken on combat break at some point that shows soldiers of the 90th preparing a chicken dinner in a captured German helmet. But one thing caught my eye - check out the stencil painted 90th Division patch! Thought this would be of interest and wanted to share. The negative is a 4x5 from a known Signal Corps photographer's estate, so the clarity is very crisp. Best, Brennan
  8. Great portrait! I will do some searching around to see if I can help with a solid ID. I like these kinds of mysteries!
  9. That is a great photo. I love the photographers stamp on the bottom right and the pose just in general. Something I would love to add to my collection!
  10. Apparently he passed the course but was kicked out after he qualified.
  11. Quick question. If a soldier passed the qualifications and earned jump wings, could he wear them throughout the war if he was kicked out of jump school and went to normal infantry?
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