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    Basic U.S. Army infantryman, WWII. 36th, 90th, 3rd, 4th, and 1st ID`s. Original gear and uniforms.
  1. I wish I could delete my earlier comments. I gave it a couple -three weeks and tried again. This time the service was prompt, the boots arrived on a Thursday after being ordered the previous Saturday. They look and fit great and after I remove the waxy coating , oil and polish them , I expect they will be great. I assume my earlier experience was an aberration and highly recommend Jerry and his team. I will post some pics when they are finished, as there are very few pics of the 1904(1912) Marching Shoe sold by WPG.
  2. Just a heads up about a recent experience I had with What Price Glory, I ordered a pair of 1904 Marching Shoes on 4-14 this past weekend. I had tried to communicate about sizing with them before ordering for a week or so, but finally depended on reviews and ordered a size down. The money was immediately extracted from my Paypal. On Tuesday(4-17) I get an email from Jerry at WPG saying that the sizes were true, which I suppose was an answer to old emails of mine. The thing that struck me was, in the tone of the email he seemed to have no knowledge of my order. I emailed back Tuesday saying , if
  3. Do all the ATF type II's have 8 pairs of eyelets? Most originals have 9 that I see.
  4. Welcome, Greg, You will enjoy this place.
  5. I do not think these are even close to being repros. I have seen a lot of pairs of Type II repros and they have the Goodyear sole and would be branded and I have never seen smooth toe in a high top repro.. These were described by the seller as a guess as maybe Canadian( I did not think so).
  6. Private purchase officer boots maybe? They are in unreal good shape.
  7. I found these for sale online recently and could not resist. They are unbranded , size 10, and obviously a service boot of some type. Biltrite rubber heel and 12 nail leather sole , smooth leather lined and insole. I know they could be civilian, if so, I have never seen any like them. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I can verify the itchy head story. My Dad`s from ww2 was around and my brothers and I would try to wear it cold weather, itchiest thing I ever wore.
  9. Oh , I am not hung up on them being WW2 , just wanted to make sure they were Navy issue. I think they are fairly rare and want to sell them and wanted to verify they were USN and being unissued and all made them even more interesting. It is amazing how little there is about Navy stuff compared to Army uniforms and equipment. Thank you so much, Sailor. I will follow your posts.
  10. I ran across this pair of 3/4 ankle boots almost completely identical to the leather soled USN issue boots of WWII. The USN markings seen on the few examples I have been able to find pictures of are lacking, but the 10E 12124 2 I _60 stamp is similar to stampings on USN boots. I am trying to find out if I have the jewel I think I do. Any help or input would be appreciated. These boots look completely unused.
  11. What I am wondering , is if the pair I have pictured is USN issue. Either WW2 or post war. They are just too much like what I have been able to find for examples excepting the fact they are not marked as such. The markings that do exist are very similar though.
  12. From and earlier thread on this forum. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/156867-us-navy-service-shoes/
  13. My Dad was USNR, boot camp at Corpus Christi in '43, and a couple of years ago I started trying to gather some things from the period. I ran across these boots and after seeing the LIFE inspections display and seeing pictures posted on the forum of the high top boots, I grabbed them. They seem to be almost identical save for the lack of USN markings. There are even some numbers inside that look very similar to Navy Boots. Would appreciate if someone could help to figure out what I have. They are canvas lined leather sole and insole and Goodyear heel. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bluestemt
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