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  1. Could the guy have had something to do with rail transport? Only WW1 40/8 I know of is that was what they called the common box cars at the time the men got moved around in. 40 men or 8 horses. Just my two cents.
  2. Good thing is the crew survived and folks are claiming it’s repairable but at what cost?
  3. Very nice! Not too bad of shape considering it's over a hundred years old. Guess the wheel's missing though? Goes to show you never know what some people will toss out.
  4. Hey, save some for the rest of us! Managed to pick up my first last year, a fs sb. Still trying to get a fixed loop. Those are awesome helmets. I know the average Schlueter fab is worth around 175 - 200 but what is a mint one worth?
  5. Very nice and a very unique group. I believe aef1917 is right and the number of triangles, 24, is correct. Making a portable cloth board that's personalized like many other items and unit flags or pennants makes it even more interesting. Aren't there photos of ships with checker / chess boards, and backgammon boards built into the tops showing how popular that game was at the time?
  6. Thanks for the responses all. I wanted to bring this back up to see if anyone had any answers as to the manufacturing of these and the suggestion of the hastily done tip being factory? I don't know of a source and Cunningham's book does not appear to say anything about the actual manufacturing process for these. I'm only wanting to keep one and I'm kinda leaning towards the worse condition one. I haven't got the grips off of it yet but, assuming the grips came in pairs from the manufacturer, or a method likely to give a pair, it may help confirm a set original to the bayonet if they are the sa
  7. Nice lid! This divisions insignia is more interesting on these as they were one of the few with many variations to their divisional insignia to determine smaller units. I believe this one is from the 178th infantry brigade but it may be the 177th if it’s a lighter blue center instead of dark blue.
  8. Speaking of, this may interest you. Price is about right.
  9. Thingy, very good. To avoid confusion we should use technical terms only!😆 this one. Got one myself and it works well. Took a day or two to arrive. https://www.amazon.com/Microscope-Magnification-Inspection-Compatible-Smartphone/dp/B07PVMRZQH
  10. Indeed! I can't believe you found the ETO book at a thrift store. The only place I've seen reference books for sale are shows. You never know till you look. I find good stuff but usually not military and not WW2 vintage. Glad you've got it though.
  11. At first glance I like it but looking closer the wear seems a bit odd. Just the way it's distributed. Still, other signs like the bubbling? look promising for being original. Wish I had a couple of these in the collection. Very neat piece but one of the few WW1 lids you need to be wary of unfortunately.
  12. If you're really into helmets the answer on those is yes. Oosterman's book is the most comprehensive but still easy to understand but they each have information not included in their counterparts. A profit conspiracy to be sure!😉 I have Steel pots II but have not added vol one to the library yet. Helmets of the ETO has more examples than anything, but good color photographs that are useful and production information not laid out so much in Oosterman's work. Mark Reynosa's WW2 helmets book was my first and is excellent providing more information than either on the development of the M1 but as f
  13. You’ll want to try and get a picture of the rifle bore as well for condition. Best to remove the bolt and have a flashlight shining into the chamber. Might try a few pics from different angles at the muzzle to give a good idea of the bore condition.
  14. Okie96

    M3 repro

    Thanks SKIP. Though I did grab an M3 from him. Reason I mentioned the other Aerials. Seemed like a decent buy given the condition of it though I agree, the M6s are very high priced and maybe some of the other knifes are as well. it just worries me, and many others I’m sure, how good the repros have become. Hence my concern over the price drop vs what I’ve seen in recent past.
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