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  1. I think it is a Webelos Arrow of Light pin. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/41074246/webelos-arrow-of-light-test-1
  2. Great tabs! Really tough to find. Congrats
  3. DS/DS era - theater made SSI all the way around too.
  4. USMC 1st division on an Army flight jacket - no active patch on other side
  5. You do have a great eye for detail that is for sure. With this uniform and others you have posted. Also if you look at the back stitching you can see the OD tape was not to the end of the pocket and that was changed (but not sure when exactly). All that being said it is a nice solid DCU. Thanks!
  6. Or the regs changed and it was cheaper to have a new tape sewn over the earlier OD tape.
  7. I have several chocolate chip helmet covers like this one and the ones I have are all are pretty much like yours are. Most have several different notations like yours does and they cover a variety of topics. Nice score!
  8. Patches look like manufacturers variants to me. My guess is they were purchased at different times so not exactly the same. Nothing about either one says theater made. Just one guys opinion though. Thanks
  9. I have several groupings like this to merchant seamen.and yours is very nice grouping. It would be tough to upgrade a grouping like this one. Nice addtion to your collection. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Great grouping Bagman! Very nice indeed; I think this is the first example I have ever seen of an T corporal rank in bullion. Thanks ekclete
  11. Looks like all three are wearing WWII style Raider patches. Don't see that very often. Great uniform Arch!
  12. I saw one for Lockheed on a popular auction site before - in BDU. I bid on it but someone wanted it more than I did. I have a couple contractor tops with private company logos but most I hare DOD Contractor, DA Contractor, USACE and so on. I have not seen any pictures of them being worn in-theater. Yours is a very nice example by the way. My examples are in storage and at some point I can dig them out and take some pictures. Thanks!
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