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  1. Quick question. the Dragon looks like Vietnamese hand sewing, but is there any chance at all that dragon was taken from a tour jacket amd sewn into the liner? https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Army-Issue-Special-Forces-Rifle-Green-Beret-Silk-Lined-Embroidered-Dragon/223105675057?hash=item33f2226f31:g:hT0AAOSwNgpbdeJg:sc:USPSPriority!64119!US!-1
  2. I think the base patch is an in country made VN original.
  3. The lot got a bid so someone believes in it. I like the beret but not sure about jacket. Still have not been able to confirm a mike householder. Not sure where else to look.
  4. Its vietnamese hand quilting. Identical liner here and shellburst. Cant tell if this one is named inside. https://specialforceshistory.com/uniform/green-beret-34/
  5. Found a john michael householder. wonder if it is him. Is it uncommon for the the arcom to proceed the bs on the ribbon rack if for instance the arcom is for valor and the bs for metit??
  6. There is a sog uniform and class A jacket on ebay. The class A indicates soldier was a bronze star holder. I am not sure about the jacket but perhaps someone with better skills than me can confirm a mike householder as been in sf. What intrigues me is the beret. The beret has a hand sewn bomb burst that is hand quilted and sewn onto a panel and subsequently sewn into the beret. I believe the shell burst has a chance. That is a known pattern bomb burst and it is identical to one on the special forces history website that is also hand sewn and quilted and sewn into a beret. What do you guys thin
  7. I wanted to get a 2nd opinion on this sog knife. it appears to be a nice original specimen with documentation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ID-d-Vietnam-War-MACV-SOG-5th-Special-Forces-Combat-Knife-US-Grouping-Collection/112961395822?hash=item1a4d061c6e:g:R48AAOSwdMBa4P89&redirect=mobile
  8. Thanks. It seems nothing these days is truly untouched
  9. Could I kindly get some opinions on this one. Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-1st-Infantry-Division-Captain-s-Helmet-and-Overcoat/123097870698?item=123097870698&redirect=mobile
  10. Sorry for posting here but is there a dealer with an internet presence that specializes in american combat helmets?
  11. I am posting the link to a lost battalion set on ebay. Perhaps someone knows of this group in the hobby. I was curious to know if the set likely all came together or is the group likely a tunic married together to some medals and reunion items. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW1-US-Army-77th-Division-Lost-Battalion-Survivor-Uniform-Grouping/312106794965?hash=item48ab03bfd5:g:w6QAAOSw8D1aynUL&redirect=mobile
  12. Thanks for the insight. will search for a other one.
  13. i dont have any other pics. the tunic is on ebay. I was going to get it. perhaps the tunic itself may shed some additional light on the wings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BALLOON-PILOT-RESERVE-AVIATOR-UNIFORM-WITH-WINGS-COLLAR-EMBLEMS-ETC/273025536487?hash=item3f919711e7:g:UdwAAOSwbYZXZqYt&redirect=mobile
  14. Pics are not the best but do these wings look ok and what would be a fair valuation on them?
  15. Bob what do you think about the arvn dress uniform?
  16. Roger that. Good points all. I believe an item should stand and fall on its own but it seems there is not enough information at hand with regard to paint etc to make a call. It comes down to if you trust the seller.
  17. What do you think of his ranger helmets?
  18. Here: http://vietnam-militaria.com/?cat=18&orderby=meta_value&key=price&order=desc I know the seller is controversial to some but in the link the helmet is in the top left. I have never seen such a minty paint job on an original helmet but you can never say never. He also has a nice but pricey arvn ranger dress uniform that looks killer. There is another ranger camo helmet next to the 44th.
  19. This is an old thread what what do you guys make of the 44th ranger helmet currently for sale on the vietnam militaria site?
  20. This could be quite interesting.
  21. What do you guys think is a realistic price for such an intrinsic helmet? 2800 is nuts.
  22. The 29th id helmet is for sale again on the net. I am looking at it now. Its a mere 2800 now.
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