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  1. Looks like a brit made ribbon too
  2. Will do it might be a bit though as Im packing up for a move but as soon as I get the rest of it together I shall post it
  3. Seek first to understand then to be understood

  4. Not yet long story short most of it is with my sister in Ontario so im still trying to get her to send me photos as I want to post it all rather than bits here and there unfortunately I learned that most of the paperwork was damaged last year in a flood . Hopefully I can post the group soon though
  5. Plenty of guys choose not to wear the PH I know my father didn't wear his until after korea and he earned several including one from the Normandy Campaign. As for the photo I think its likely a wartime photo and I think its very likely that the person wearing the 3rd ID patch is a WW1 vet.
  6. Great examples guys so it looks like many of them had the same pendant that's interesting even more so as they are worn two different ways
  7. Very nice to know that his sacrifice is still remembered and honoured
  8. No idea on the time frame but it was used on the commendation medals as well and they came out in medal form in 1960? I think
  9. Geez that photo of the crash site really highlights the violence of the crash thanks for sharing
  10. Agreed ugly as sin but my father's best friend loved his very much more even than his officially issued medals
  11. Any chance you picked up the Navy Cross?
  12. Very sad a simple memorial to a brave man
  13. Adam you all have some amazing groups and single medals thanks for sharing
  14. This group has to be near unique very very few people received the Brit DFC during the Korean war truly stunning thanks for sharing
  15. Geez to bad I never saw this Ive been looking for a grouping to a navy double Silver star recipient from the ETO for a while. I think my pocketbook is happy that I missed this though This is absolutely amazing !!!!!!!
  16. Personally I prefer the simple wording on the back of the Canadian Sacrifice Medal its very simple but incredibly powerful.
  17. Let me put it this way his user name is very ironic and funny
  18. This is why I love this forum you learn something new everyday Thanks
  19. From what Im seeing it looks like he should have received the American campaign medal and definitely should have had a gold star on his purple heart
  20. Great group Philip Two quick questions - whats the story on the Army medal - why isn't there an Iraqi campaign medal
  21. Wow goes to show how strict the USMC was with awards during WW2 if he had been in the army he would likely have got a silver star or possibly a DSC
  22. There is a lot more wrong with the Westmoreland uniform than the insignia. 1- Lack of provenance 2- Naming looks very weird 3- And this is the most damming piece of evidence It is far too small for Westmoreland. Also why lie about the size when everyone can see the size in the photo where you show the name If you bought this in good faith you got burned As for the CMH uniform it appears to be a put together simple as that. You say that you have a letter authenticating it then I would like to see it posted here to substantiate your claim that it is authentic .
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