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  1. Want to share another video i created in two evenings because it will be used in presentation and i received a deadline. Still satisfied with the result
  2. Het all, Two weeks ago a was visiting the Belgian Ardennes again. I did a battlefield tour and was asked to bring the drone for some birds eye views. I also had the idea in my mind to film above the cemetery, and after the approval from the superintendent i went there after closing hours. Below is the result. Hope you like it and thanks for watching.
  3. thanks for the quick help, Bought it for a 10er
  4. Hi guys, I found the below bag on a fair and bought it since the price was low. But i was looking on M1 ammunition bag but it is different. What bag do i have here? Thanks in advance
  5. Last weekend we had the memorial day at the cemetery. It was great. Normally i am a spectator and just place flower. This year the family of one of the fallen soldier came over from Seattle and invited me. So i was sitting 2nd row this time next to the big shots from Nato and representatives of the Belgian king.
  6. A few weeks ago i was contacted by email and i was introduced to as a columnist from the gazette. She got my contact via a genealogical centre in town and found the story interesting and decided to contact me. Result is below article. It is a nice touch for the effort that i didnt even mind doing. http://www.thegazette.com/subject/opinion/blogs/lynda-waddington/dutch-man-cares-for-overseas-grave-of-iowa-wwii-soldier-20160424 Thanks
  7. You are correct. The helmet was made earlier then the staffsgt patch. So i was promoted haha Thanks for checking
  8. My dodge with me behind the 50 and my brother inlaw behind the wheel
  9. and since i live far away from the American Cemetery i will always take the time to pay a visit and bring some flowers. From one of the families we recently got in contact with we got a card where the whole family wrote something on for their fallen family member, during their thankgiving get together.
  10. my wife behind the 50cal a quick visit to a mockbattle, i could stay because wanted to see the parade in the centre of bastogne also
  11. some evening pictures Also visited a museum that i did not visit yet. Ardennes 44, the basement is 1 big battlefield
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