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  1. I see from visiting my old post that photobucket is not supported by the forum now.
  2. Enjoyed this especially the Marines detail Only criticism is a correction on the Huey. the "D Model had the pitot tube on the nose while the "H" Model had it on the roof as does this one in the picture. The Forces of Valor 1:48 Huey is also incorrectly designated as a "D" Model. I have a similar display somewhere in this part of the forum from a year ago.
  3. One of the scenes on "We were Soldiers" that evokes the most passion in me is when Mrs. Moore takes on the responsibility to deliver those telegrams.
  4. Just revisited this thread since my last post. Danny I ended up tube arty my second tour.Aviation section of 23rd FA Gp. flying for DEPCOM of II Field Force. Tay Ninh to Vung Tau and Da Lat to Can Tho. If it wasnot Cavm Korean, ARVN or Aussie arty it was us,.
  5. Thanks for the contact Viking. Do you have one of the school patches? PM me again if you would like one. I'm sure I still have a few and if I dig, I might find a W.O.C. collar brass. Roger
  6. FIL was a W-4 in the Nike program. Never got into a discussion on them though.
  7. I have enjoyed the series, but it could be much better. Seems somewhat rushed into production. Characters are decently cast. I miss the glass insulators that should be present on the electric lines.
  8. The following would have been true by late 1965: There were two airstrips at An Khe (Camp Radcliffe). The one closest to Hon Kong Mountain was a N-S runway (198?) and the other half a mile or so away was NE-SW (038?). The area inside the loop was hostile territory through '67 and most likely beyond. I would discount the idea of supply drops as the 1st Cav Div. Hq was there. They did have a lovely Golf Course though.
  9. Flew a few H-13's while in instrument training at Mother Rucker.
  10. Lovely temple of their's in Tay Ninh. And an interesting mix of religion.
  11. Uniforms say 1965-66 and the person awarding appears not US. Probably a RVN award.
  12. I lost a duffel bag full of gear my first RVN tour and scrounged uniforms. I had a shirt like that with trousers of the same light weight material. I was told they were USAF but I don't recall any official labeling like our normal shirts. They sure beat the stateside type fatigues we took with us.
  13. There was also a tactic termed "recon by fire". It could be used to attract fire (shoot and see if there is return fire) or in an ambush (shoot and see where the firing stops).
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