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    My Collection & interests: Span Am through Korea U.S. Army, WW2 U.S. Combat rations, T5 & T7 Parachutes, QMC personal gear, US WW2 Armored vehicle collector. M5A1 Stuart, M8 & M20 Armored Cars, M3 Halftrack, T16 Carrier

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  1. Van, It's NOT WW2 ! as was already said.. Korean Era.. Kration
  2. Bernard James Ray (June 9, 1921 – November 17, 1944) was a United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in World War II during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. Ray joined the Army from Baldwin, New York in 1943,[1] and by November 17, 1944 was serving as a First Lieutenant in Company F, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. On that day, in the Hurtgen Forest near Schevenhütte, Germany, Ray exposed himself to intense enemy fire in an attempt to destroy a wire obstacle that was blocking his unit's path. Seriously wounded while setting up an explosive charge to blow up the obstacle, he realized that he would not be able to accomplish his mission if he did not detonate the charge immediately. Ray set off the explosives, killing himself but successfully destroying the wire barricade. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor a year later, on December 8, 1945. Ray, aged 23 at his death, was buried in Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, New York. Medal of Honor citationFirst Lieutenant Ray's official Medal of Honor citation reads: He was platoon leader with Company F, 8th Infantry, on November 17, 1944, during the drive through the Hurtgen Forest near Schevenhutte, Germany. The American forces attacked in wet, bitterly cold weather over rough, wooded terrain, meeting brutal resistance from positions spaced throughout the forest behind minefields and wire obstacles. Small arms, machinegun, mortar, and artillery fire caused heavy casualties in the ranks when Company F was halted by a concertina-type wire barrier. Under heavy fire, 1st Lt. Ray reorganized his men and prepared to blow a path through the entanglement, a task which appeared impossible of accomplishment and from which others tried to dissuade him. With implacable determination to clear the way, he placed explosive capsin his pockets, obtained several bangalore torpedoes, and then wrapped a length of highly explosive primer cordabout his body. He dashed forward under direct fire, reached the barbed wire and prepared his demolition charge as mortar shells, which were being aimed at him alone, came steadily nearer his completely exposed position. He had placed a torpedo under the wire and was connecting it to a charge he carried when he was severely wounded by a bursting mortar shell. Apparently realizing that he would fail in his self-imposed mission unless he completed it in a few moments he made a supremely gallant decision. With the primer cord still wound about his body and the explosive caps in his pocket, he completed a hasty wiring system and unhesitatingly thrust down on the handle of the charger, destroying himself with the wire barricade in the resulting blast. By the deliberate sacrifice of his life, 1st Lt. Ray enabled his company to continue its attack, resumption of which was of positive significance in gaining the approaches to the Cologne Plain.
  3. I carried one during the late 80's in Korea.. Great Weapon ! 1/503 Inf Kration
  4. Hopefully no one has an issue with this question.. Does anyone know if the Wehrmacht Awards Forum is down ? been trying to get on the US pages on there for 2-3 days and keep getting a server time out for the entire site Any info most welcome Kration
  5. There's a set of late war camo pattern K Rations listed on Ebay.. They are 100% REPRODUCTIONS... Hopefully this alert will keep someone from being duped.. while the seller does not actually say they are original, the lack of information in the listing and how it's described might give the impression that they are. There are multiple photo's with the exception of the "Manufacturer" Sent the seller a link to Hogan QM and offered additional info The item is: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ww2-k-ration/273125572594?hash=item3f978d7ff2:g:tNEAAOSwklBatcEn These repro's were originally made by Hogan QM in North Carolina Kration
  6. It's way better than what we have here in my area.. The VA opened a new VA Center here in Kernersville NC two years ago.. prior to that it was located in Winston Salem.. At that location they had a few named uniforms here and there displayed in Shadow boxes on the walls.. complete with ribbon racks and other awards.The irritating thing though is many of the awards had detached and fallen into the bottom of the displays. Mentioned it to the staff many times and offered to fix the problems with no response. When the new Hospital opened none of the displays were reinstalled.. no one seems to have any clue as to what happened to them. The new Facility is truly a sight to behold.. a grand building, Modern and spacious... but rather curious because it seems to lack any Veteran theme. Whoever set the tone for decorating must have really loved the beach.. Lots of murals showing the sea, beach grass, birds etc.. but few Military related. Here in NC we also have the old Salisbury VA, Built eons ago... In contrast to our new VA Center those Salisbury corridors are lined with huge photos showing service members of all branches doing their jobs. Kration Retired Infantry
  7. I'm thinking of going to the Baltimore Arms show in a few weeks.. for those members that have been is it a good show for Post 1898 Items ? Mainly looking for US & other Countries items from WW2 to Cold War era any guidance is most appreciated Kration
  8. Steve, sent you a PM on a decent and reasonable place Kration
  9. Back in the day when one visited Aberdeen I remember there was a model of the proposed new Museum being displayed and "donations" were being accepted.. Since that never happened I wonder what ever became of the donations ? I went through Ft Lee a year or so ago and could see some of the Aberdeen Vehicles near the Rail head, some covered with tarps and some in the open.. Miss the old days Kration
  10. No problems at all, it's a nice original coat Kration
  11. delete... Ha Ha.. I just typed the same info.. I think we were all replying at the same time
  12. Thanks Jamie.. But sometimes I frankly get tired of looking at all of the junk I have LOL Kration
  13. It's like a Kid counting down the days until Christmas Morning Yahoo ! Kration
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