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  1. I always ask someone of the museum if all the items at the display are original. Most of the time I get positive feedback. However, I forgot to ask at this little museum, because I had to hurry: my family was waiting, they wanted to go.
  2. Thanks for all the reactions. I'll keep this in mind when in visit other museums.
  3. I went this week to the Bulge with my family. This ranger helmet was in one of the small museums there. Is it an original one or a fake one? It looks original to me.
  4. Allright, so it's not the Overman I found. Is it possible to find out who was the real owner?
  5. With this information, I went to 29infantrydivision.org, and searched for overman in the rosters. The only result I got was Clifford C Overman. He was killed on d-day. After this, I searched the National Archives. I got 201 results for Overman, but only one for a technical sergeant. This man enlisted in 1946, so I don't think that he's the owner of this jacket. If someone has more information or tips for me: all help is welcome with my research.
  6. And finally, the name that's inside the jacket
  7. Technical sergeant stripes. There are no stitchings from other ranks
  8. Stitchings of the 29th patch. It looks like there was an other 29th patch before the current.
  9. Assuming that the soldiers was in the 29th, I went to the 29th rosters and searched for his name. I got only one result, so I thought that this was the one who wore it. I have to recharge the batteries of my camera. As soon as it's done, I'll make pictures and post them.
  10. I have a class a jacket from a medic from the 29th, but that's not the one I mentioned in my first post. The label says pattern 5/10/44 and dated dec 16 1944. This label is sewn in the left pocket inside the jacket I looked for stitchings from earlier patches, but I just found the stitchings from the current patches. However, I see that there were other pinned on this jacket, before the current ribbons. Could it still be that it's from the soldier I found in the rosters? Pictures will follow.
  11. Thanks for the answers. When I told my dad about this uniform and the soldier who wore it, he started crying and he said that we will head to Normandy in 2014 to visit the grave from this soldier. I am 20 years old, it touches me deeply to see that people gave their lives for our freedom.
  12. I have an ike jacket from a 29th soldier. There's a name written inside. When I searched this name on the 29th rosters, I found out that it belonged to a 19 year old private who was killed on D-day. The rank insignia are those from a technical sergeant. I was wondering if combat and dress uniforms were reissued after someone got killed. Can someone help me and tell me more about this question? I really want to know if this happened, so I could do some more research.
  13. Excellent grouping and bringbacks from a D-day veteran. Did you buy it from the veteran (or his family)?
  14. Nice to see such a grouping with paperwork, photos and bringbacks. Great to see.
  15. More photos, including a laundry tag?
  16. This m43 jacket from the 2nd infantry division is in my collection. I doubt if it is an original one from ww2. The previous owner had a very large collection, so I trusted him. The date is faded out, it looks like 1943 or 45 Is this one from the war, or is it postwar?
  17. I had the honour to meet Jack Womer in the Netherlands. It's great to thank someone who fought for the freedom I live in today...
  18. Do you have some close-up pictures?
  19. Sad to hear that he passed away. Does this mean that Jack Womer is the only one alive from the original filthy 13?
  20. Very nice to see an airborne grouping including a jacket from the veteran
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