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  1. It seems I'm addicted to these kind of photos, as I spend searching for more.
  2. Here's some captured American armour by the Japanese
  3. And the last one. Feel free to post some more if you have them.
  4. Since I've got a new sort of hobby (working as an amateur military advisor for video games) I'm digging a lot into archives, museums databases, books et cetera for reference pictures. I came across some interesting pictures from American weapons in use. The ones using them are not the one you'd expect though. Enjoy
  5. Since a few months I've been working on my thesis about oral history from WW2 veterans and survivors. In November I went a month to the States to interview veterans myself about this topic, and to see what it means to them. Right now, I'm in the process of building a website to publish my research project and its findings. My goal is to publish several articles about oral history and the Second World War. My question to you is: If you've done a lot of interviews with veterans, could you write an article about it for my site? I really would appreciatte it if you decide to contribut
  6. I love to see a US navy collection from the Netherlands!
  7. Some great finds from everyone. It seems I need to plan a trip to the USA during SOS.
  8. Thanks for your reply. It's interesting to read all the replies again.
  9. I hope to add some more uniform groupings from D-Day veterans to my collection. It's my main focus and I don't think I'll change it, because I give lectures with my collection.
  10. Found number 4 and 5 of my list! Three to go...
  11. That's what I have in mind, but I need a good map for that. Haven't found one yet.
  12. And they won't move when I press the padding against the glass?
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