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  1. And the last one. Feel free to post some more if you have them.
  2. Since I've got a new sort of hobby (working as an amateur military advisor for video games) I'm digging a lot into archives, museums databases, books et cetera for reference pictures. I came across some interesting pictures from American weapons in use. The ones using them are not the one you'd expect though. Enjoy
  3. Since a few months I've been working on my thesis about oral history from WW2 veterans and survivors. In November I went a month to the States to interview veterans myself about this topic, and to see what it means to them. Right now, I'm in the process of building a website to publish my research project and its findings. My goal is to publish several articles about oral history and the Second World War. My question to you is: If you've done a lot of interviews with veterans, could you write an article about it for my site? I really would appreciatte it if you decide to contribut
  4. I love to see a US navy collection from the Netherlands!
  5. Some great finds from everyone. It seems I need to plan a trip to the USA during SOS.
  6. Thanks for your reply. It's interesting to read all the replies again.
  7. I hope to add some more uniform groupings from D-Day veterans to my collection. It's my main focus and I don't think I'll change it, because I give lectures with my collection.
  8. Found number 4 and 5 of my list! Three to go...
  9. That's what I have in mind, but I need a good map for that. Haven't found one yet.
  10. And they won't move when I press the padding against the glass?
  11. I think I'll give the Scotch double sided tape a try. Hopefully it's available in the Netherlands. And another question about the Ryker cases. How do you display your patches in those? I saw them on google but I was wondering are they the same as a normal frame for photographs etc? Because I don't need a frame with much depth.
  12. And the tape doesn't damage the patches?
  13. I finally completed my wanted list of patches. However, now I want them on display. I want the display framed so I can hang it on the wall and bring it with me to my lecures about D-Day. Does anyone have a good idea or example? It are around 10-15 patches.
  14. This is an incredible and unique collection! I loved every picture I saw, thanks for sharing.
  15. I also visited Normandy last weekend, but I didn't visit any museum, only the commemorations. However, I'm going back with my family in July and I'm definetely going to visit the new exhibition. I can't wait to see it!
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