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  1. Recently, I came across this helmet that is going to be up for auction. I was wondering, is it an original? Please share your opinions, as well as your arguments, as we can all learn from them.
  2. Recently I came across a painted m1 helmet shell with the markings of 1st batallion, 506th PIR. Based on the pictures I cannot tell if they are original or not. Can anyone help me with advise?
  3. Could the one who bought this uniform send me a message? I have a Normandy related 29th KIA jacket from a 115th infantry regiment soldier who also was just 2 weeks in combat before he got killed on July 30th.
  4. I'm very grateful to these men who came to fight for the freedom of another country. Therefore, I decided to collect uniforms & groupings from these brave men.
  5. Great to see this representation of (to me unkown) history!
  6. Thanks, we just wanted to be sure. Is it this one? https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/plaque_wardept.aspx?honoreeID=1080377
  7. Could this be the same person? https://valor.milita....com/hero/23223
  8. There's a Quartermaster stamp with 1942/1943. I'll post a picture
  9. Recently, I won a USMC Service coat at an auction. It was a plain coat, without any insignia. When it arrived last weekend, I was surprised to see that it was named inside. It is named to F J Baker. On the sleeves I can see that he was promoted from PFC to Corporal. I've never researched a marine from WWII, so is there anyone who could help me?
  10. Nice to see this switch from Germans using American weapons to Japanese using American weapons. Does anybody have more pictures of Japanese with captured weapons?
  11. I'm curious to know if there are air pictures of the US DZ's and LZ's for Market Garden. And if so, can I find them online? I'm working on a research project, where I need to find those. The British ones are easy to find, but I can't find US ones. Please hep,
  12. For a new WWII Fps game we are currently working on a model of the Willys jeeps (with the British airborne modifications). Can someone please post a clear picture of the highlighted areas, so we can finish our model? https://images-2.discordapp.net/.eJwNzMsNhCAQANBeKIBBfqJnG5lFAibqEGY8bbb39RXwvuoZp1pVE-m8AuwHZxq7ZqGBtehKVM-C_WCd6QIUwdyucgvDFE2arDEuhZjmEKwB612Mi12c9Sl4P8cEG3L7EL5lv6v6_QFJ6yNb.JFMeT-NqzdzgVWBNFE3boBd0Q8I
  13. For a new WWII FPS game I'm looking for all the vehicles that were used by the allied and German divisions. Does anyone have a link or a list of vehicles that were used by the 82nd and 101st airborne division?
  14. He participated in operation Varsity by the way. Not sure about Market Garden and D-day.
  15. I looked at my 507th roster and I found a match for your guy. He was in 3rd batallion, HQ company and participated in Operation Varsity. Not sure about Market Garden and D-day. He is listed as private. Congrats for a nice find!
  16. Thanks for the comment. It would really help if you could contribute to my site, as that is one of my goals for the site.
  17. Hey guys, In the past months I've been working on my thesis. I travelled to the USA, interviewed veterans and their family members, I visited a lot of war museums, as well as interviewing their staff members and wrote a big report on my findings. I've also built a website to publish my findings. Check it out and subscribe to recieve future updates. http://timoverduin.wix.com/we-remember-them Feel free to give feedback. P.S. It would be great if you could contribute to the site
  18. In 1945 a German SS unit in Denmark handed over their weapons to the Danish resistance. Several m1 carbines can be seen... (source: http://www.bavarianm1carbines.com/germanyww2.html)
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