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  1. Based on the year of when the previous photo was taken, I guess this one was taken in North-Africa or Italy. So here are more pictures of Germans with captured American vehicles during this campaigns
  2. And also an additional one of these Fallschirmjagers examining a Thompson
  3. As promised, the following pictures are new ones that I came across while searching on the internet. All of them are from the website https://www.bundesarchiv.de/DE/Navigation/Home/home.html An excellent research website for the German side of the war. First up, an additional picture of this team with a captured bazooka
  4. I did found a lot of additional pictures of German SS, paratroopers and infantry with captured American weapons. I'll upload them in the coming week.
  5. Great! I didn't knew about this either. Maybe I'm going to use that citation in a Bible study or worship service at our church.
  6. This set of 2 USMC dress uniforms is currently in my collection. It belonged to a veterean who also fought in WWII. Is anyone able to identify who the soldier was? It is named to a J E Reilly. And could someone list all the different ribbons on the jackets? I don't know every ribbon. Thanks in advance!
  7. I was offered this cricket in a trade. It was found during archaeological excavations around Hiesville. What do you think of it?
  8. Recently I won a USMC grouping from a WWII/Korean War veteran. It included 2 service uniforms and 2 helmets. One of the helmets is a late war swivel bail, but I didn't recognize the other. Could anyone tell me what kind of helmet this is (period/ liner etc) as well as what kind of camouflage it has?
  9. So the auction has ended and this helmet was sold for $4000
  10. Thanks for the comments guys! Unfortunately for the buyer, the current bid is at $900 for a fake M2 helmet...
  11. The heat stamp is 320 S according to the auction house. As far as the provenance goes, it came from a museum that was trimming down its collection. All the military items in the auction have this provenance and include some WWII german panzer wraps, Waffen ss caps etc. In total about 35 items. The museum had many veteran purchased items, like a German general officer uniform.
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