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  1. Somehow all the images are turned, while I saved them in portrait format. Apologies for the error.
  2. Since I've never owned a m42 jacket before, I'd like your opinions about this jacket. Is it original? If so, why and how can I see it? It has a lot of repairs, so it's not a mint one, but that doesn't matter. What type is the patch by the way? Every input is welcome.
  3. It has been released a while ago, however, I didn't tell in this topic. Anyway, the game is called Post Scriptum http://postscriptumgame.com/ You can find it on Steam. Recently, the US airborne division were added, so if you want to replay Market Garden in a realistic video game, this is it.
  4. Back to the Normandy front. The German paratroopers were excellent fighters in bocage country and took advantage of the American weapons that were left behind
  5. Looks like one cross on the side was not enough to distinguish it as a German tank...
  6. Although this is probably the British firefly version
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