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  1. Those uniforms are great to see. Are they unissued, or were they used in the war? Are there more airborne related objects in your collection?
  2. Very nice to see bringbacks from a veteran who went to both theatres.
  3. If it's a combat jacket, I would save money to collect a whole uniform. If it's a dress jacket, I would go for option 2.
  4. I'm sorry. I just looked at the tank crew, and I didn't look at the fact that those soldiers are assault gun crewmen
  5. Those Germans don't wear the right uniforms. I see a few panzer crew men, with blue grey uniforms. However, panzer crew men wore black uniforms. Just google panzer crew, and you'll know what I mean. This will add some realism to your diorama. p.s. I'm looking forward to the finished project.
  6. That blackhawk is very beautiful. How long have you been practicing this hobby?
  7. I have one, but I need a car and a license to visit the drop zones from Market Garden.
  8. Very nice small collection. Did you pay for the helmet, or was it given to you?
  9. Did you also build those models in real lego?
  10. Good, I'm looking forward to that diorama
  11. Thanks for all those tips. I think they can help me a lot. I decided to sell all my post-Normandy material, and focus on the US divisions that landed during the invasion. I bought 2 dress jackets from the 29th infantry, including a medic.
  12. I bought those books at the publication at castle Heeswijk. There are 2 books: Orange is the color of the day (about the 101st airborne during Market Garden, including dressed mannequins, very rare photos etc). The second book is d-day minus, 17 september 1944 (preperation of 101st airborne for Market Garden, also a lot of dresse mannequins en rare photos) If you are a 101st collector, or you want to have reference material, I recommend to buy those books. At the publishin, both authors signed my books, and the 3 veterans that were there (Jack Womer, John Primerano and Ray Nagell)
  13. I am collecting World War 2 items for 2 years. However, due to lack of work and money, my collection is small. I know, that I'll need money to get an collection. Through my collection, I want to show people around me in the Netherlands, what the US soldiers did for our freedom. I was wondering if someone has some tips about finance. Can someone give tips?
  14. This is very nice. Can you you show us how to make those torsos, including pictures?
  15. Can you show us how you build those tractor and fuel tanks?
  16. Very nice vehicles. Are you going to create a diorama with those objects?
  17. Nice vehicles. Are you also creating diorama's for those lego stuff?
  18. Very nice grouping. I never see such groupings in the Netherlands
  19. This is really a nice grouping: a German Normandy helmet from a soldier who invaded Normandy.
  20. This is really an awesome bringback. Do you know how much people want to pay for this insignia? In the Netherlands, one ss collar tab is over $400....
  21. I bought this a few months ago. It's just this badge, and I don't know the name from the one who earned it. Can I conclude that this is a rare badge?
  22. I have this CIB in my collection. Is it an original one (from which period)? And what's the value? Please give me some information.
  23. Not the Dutch Army and air force museum, but Groesbeek Museum, Airborne Museum Hartenstein and Liberty Park Overloon. They want to have one national museum in the Netherlands, in Nijmegen. According to their plans, the museum should be established in 2014. Those museum won't close. They will bring great parts of their collection into one museum. When this new museum is realised, there will be battlefieldtours from this museum to the other museums, and historical places. What kind of objectives do you have for your visit? Perhaps I can help you
  24. There's a lot more to see in this museum. Those pictures represent just a small part of the collection. I asked if everything was original. They said everything comes from World War 2, but the most items were never used during the war (found in depots etc). The museum has also a big depot, with over 25 000 objects, including very rare items. However, the museum doesn't have money to show those objects (they should be placed in displays where you can regulate the temperature, light etc) It's worth visiting, because it's also the only museum in the Netherlands dedicated to the libera
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