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  1. Thanks for the info! What would be ball park retail value of it, $65 or so?? I'll stick it eventually over in the for sale section rather then let eBay get 14% or so of it.
  2. Got this today at a local gun show, but I have never seen this patch before hence my question. Its embroidered on felt. Its on a typical WWII Ike jacket w/ a AAF patch for the current unit. What is it, and is it worth anything? Is it worth more to cut the patch off the jacket and sell it separately? The jacket is actually in great condition w / no mothing. I usually get $20 at most for Ike jackets on eBay. Sorry for my dumb questions I dont collect 20th c. stuff I just sell what I find antique picking lol. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info! Is this flash worth anything, or is it junk box grade stuff? Thanks!
  4. Also before I sell it on eBay is this a WWII or later Airborne tab? Sorry for the cruddy reverse image, if its too hard to tell what it is I'll re-shoot it. Thanks!
  5. Picked up a bag of original WWII patches this past weekend at the flea market and these were in there. I found the flash is 5th SF Group through Google (I dont do 20th c. militaria, but I buy it when I find if its cheap as I pick antiques and often see it, it pays for my own 18th and 19th c. collecting) but I was wondering if its a real Vietnam era one or later?
  6. Here is the musette bag that had the straps in it, I'm assuming a army bag? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270724828708
  7. Thanks for the info! 20th century militaria stuff is not my area, I collect 18th and early 19th c. militaria but as I pick antiques I find 20th c. militaria almost daily. I couldnt find them in the ETO collectors guide so I assumed they were different! This forum is such a great resource, thanks!
  8. Found these two straps in a WWII Musette bag I picked up at the flea market, wondering are they WWI or WWII and Army or USMC? Both have the bronze buckles and bronze end pieces on them. Yes I stuck the rubber band around them lol. Thanks!
  9. This one is marked "Made in England" on the back.
  10. I picked these two EGAs up at a antique store this past weekend. Both are large size missing the screw on plates / washers. I'm assuming they are early as they are different from the hundreds of WWII ones I've seen on hats over the years at flea markets and antique stores. One is marked "Made in England". What are they and are they worth anything? Like worthwhile to be put on eBay. Many thanks!
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