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  1. I meant on this part. It doesnt look like it but I wasnt sure if there was a faint one thats not showing up in the photos.
  2. Is there any trace of an ON after the JACKS? There was a Jackson who was a 1st Lt. in Easy company 2nd Ranger Battalion.
  3. GI, do you have a copy of this order? Send me a message if you do! Thanks man - Jake
  4. I don't have any record of him being with the 1st or 3rd. but your right, it does kind of look like that. I wish the photo was better quality. - Jake
  5. Hello HAP24! Thank you very much! The collection has gotten a lot bigger since I made this thread . I am certainly interested in your photo. Check your messages at your convenience. Thanks again! - Jake
  6. I'm glad that picture went to a good home! I actually was the one who picked up the scrap book. Most of it was post-war items and newspaper clipping. It does have quite a few items from the wife's service though. - Jake
  7. Please please please do not strip this beauty! 6th Ranger uniforms are the rarest of the Ranger Battalions because of how few members served in that unit! - Jake
  8. Enlisted ASN on an officer's helmet... Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that a red flag too. Unless he was a battlefield commissioned officer. - Jake
  9. Once the soldier was in the field, it really came down to his preference. I would say that most used the set-up or a very simily set-up to the ones described above but others would just use a general porpose bag or a stick magazine bag to hold there magazines in. Early war guys had 50 round drum magazine pouches as well. - Jake
  10. This may be your best uniform grouping yet! incredible!!! - Jake
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