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  1. Hi The Normandy shops militaria Le Holdy militaria place de l'église Sainte Marie du mont ( good shops attention to copy price a bite expensive) A l'aube du 6 juin rue du Général Eisenhower Sainte Marie du mont ( good shops, price a bite expensive , not much objet) Paratrooper 2 village de l'amont Saint come du mont ( attention big shops, mixing original and copy, very very expensive , especially in june) The Museum D-day in Nomrmandy Airborne Museum sainte Mère église ( reenacting groupe Geronimo camp du 01/06 and 06/06/17) Musée du Débarquement Utha Beach Sainte marie du mo
  2. French Commemoration Normandy D-DAY 2014 Hi Bring us your support for this important event, and your donations are trying to earn a spot in one of these legendary aircraft ... In advance thank you ! Eric Paratrooper reenactor RCPT For administrators, if not consistant message deletion www.daksovernormandiy.com http://www.daksovernormandy.com/
  3. Hi I present this U.S.M1 fixe bail Lot Number 326B After a good cleaning not paint, this is what I find ? Thanck you eric
  4. Hi I have a question, this pair of DB rough with rivets, no date Post war? modify or good shoe thank you in advance eric
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