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  1. Very nice grouping he served as a PFC in company b 255 and CN company 255. He served in b company his entire time in combat earring his good conduct medal and his CIB he transferred to CN company on may 31 1945 would you mind scanning the 63rd photos so i can add them to https://worldwartwoveterans.org/b-company-255th-infantry-regiment-63rd-infantry-division/
  2. Since he served in combat with the six army group it makes sense that he has 4 battle stars the 63rd had 3 battle stars and A company 253 only had 2 so he earned 2 with the 6th army group it also looks like he was overseas for a year to a year and a half before he joined A Company. on Aug 24 1945 he along with 75 other men transferred out of the 63rd he ended up in the 251st sig. the uniform looks good if you ever want to sale it let me know.
  3. Great Find !!! My wife's grandfather flew one of the Kingfishers off the Indiana during ww2 https://worldwartwoveterans.org/thomas-arthur-daniel-402902-us-navy-pto-uss-indiana-bb58-deertrail-colorado/
  4. What was the name of the 63rd division Veteran I have all the 63rd division records and can give you more info on him Best Regards Tim
  5. That makes since I could not find a Northroup in the 63rd division but I did find CPL , Clyde S.Newgent 35169025 A 862nd FA 63rd Division
  6. JL is his legal name it is on all of his records from the 63rd division and the US Army. http://worldwartwoveterans.org/bridges-j-l-14188402-us-army-kia-eto-killed-in-action-february-24-1945-purple-heart-medal-phm-63rd-infantry-division-cleveland-county-north-carolina
  7. http://worldwartwoveterans.org/griffin-william-c-39910847-us-army-kia-mia-pto-killed-in-action-february-11-1945-missing-in-action-salt-lake-city-utah/?fbclid=IwAR2iwtl2XOZgBQLRfT3IgWdrCMV09-VTz8P4lw5Bsly1jlx9M3f61xAAUG8
  8. @Aznation thanks for using my website to assist in your research it makes me happy to see when people use it. http://worldwartwoveterans.org/63rd-infantry-division-blood-and-fire/
  9. Great Find!!! Here is a bio of Richard P Neu. Keep your eye out for his Bronze Star Medal. http://worldwartwoveterans.org/neu-richard-p-o-1324644-us-army-kia-pto-company-b-381st-infantry-regiment-96th-infantry-division-killed-in-action-april-26-1945-lincoln-nebraska
  10. Z19 that is a great grouping a lot of the guys served in the 3rd division as well. I knew one guy in the 254th Infantry that served in the 3rd ID got wounded then put in the 63rd ID and after the war was put back in the 3rd ID.
  11. TheMinistryOfAviation Minnesota makes since for the 63rd. Very few 63rd guys were came from Texas. Most of the Texas guys were replacements into the 63rd Division from the 36th Division. For the 2nd Battalion 253rd infantry regiment there were only about 25 guys from North Texas. Almost all of my 63rd collection came from the internet. Also Hookemhorns88 picking is harder in DFW when I lived in Salt Lake City there were only like 10 collectors so there was a ton of great stuff to find. Here is a very small part of my 63rd Collection http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/266
  12. Very Nice IKE I saw it on facebook last night did you find this in DFW? I live in garland and collect mostly 63rd Division.
  13. According to this http://www.worldwartwoveterans.org/2nd-battalion-headquarters-company-253rd-infantry-regiment-63rd-infantry-division/ He served in 2nd Battalion Headquarters Company 253rd Infantry regiment 63rd Infantry Division. The 253rd did not have a DUI during ww2.
  14. Very nice 254th grouping. The 63rd patch postcard is very common, the other items are harder to find. Let me know if you ever want to get rid of it.
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