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  1. Now I have this jacket but without name tag Thanks
  2. I have seen this photo but i cant find it now it is Your guy?
  3. Hi, i have similar pants from 1972 and woodland shirt from 1970 label should be like this: best regards
  4. Its SOF http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/vietnam-tadpole-tiger-stripe-jacket-product,12133 best regards
  5. Hi, what You think about this 1970-1972 experimental utility uniform? shirt 1970 pants 1972 best regards
  6. Hi Andrei I dont know exactly but I think (with my friends) form Cambodia.....the girl is carrying RPD ??? Best Regards
  7. Hi Tanner I have friend from vietnam who knows producer of this "Sapper Suits" best regards original looks that from my collection:
  8. Thanks Mike! Best Regards piotr
  9. and trousers? its original? costs 30$
  10. Hi Please tell me is this original shirt or repro? I may buy it for 75$ - whether it is worth that much?? thanks Thanks Piotr
  12. Parka for 10th Mountain Division and First Special Service Force
  13. hi for jackets add M-1950 jacket (pre m51) and T-63-5 Field Jacket (pre m65) for parkas D1 D2
  14. Its for additional hood (from parka M51/M65) regards
  15. Thanks Tigerfan! It's really great vest!!!!! - combination of gold and silver fabric Best Regards Piotr
  16. WoW its Great Vest! Could you show a picture of the back of the vest - its the best of all stuff! Regards Piotr
  17. I think its jacket produced for the civilian market - not military concract
  18. I have this shirt from my friend from Poland, I have no idea where it came from is very similar to the one in the picture regards
  19. Silver tiger snipers shirt faded colours silver pattern regards
  20. Regular medium like in M51 jackets Regards
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