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  1. Now I have this jacket but without name tag Thanks
  2. I have seen this photo but i cant find it now it is Your guy?
  3. Hi, i have similar pants from 1972 and woodland shirt from 1970 label should be like this: best regards
  4. Its SOF http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/vietnam-tadpole-tiger-stripe-jacket-product,12133 best regards
  5. Hi, what You think about this 1970-1972 experimental utility uniform? shirt 1970 pants 1972 best regards
  6. Hi Andrei I dont know exactly but I think (with my friends) form Cambodia.....the girl is carrying RPD ??? Best Regards
  7. Hi Tanner I have friend from vietnam who knows producer of this "Sapper Suits" best regards original looks that from my collection:
  8. Thanks Mike! Best Regards piotr
  9. and trousers? its original? costs 30$
  10. Hi Please tell me is this original shirt or repro? I may buy it for 75$ - whether it is worth that much?? thanks Thanks Piotr
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