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  1. Hello I purchased this whole lot just for the 314th infantry crest (I am restoring an officer jacket missing this crest). I have identified those. Please tell me if I am not correct. 5th field artillery : 59th air defense 68th armor regiment 77th field artillery 314th infantry regiment 398th infantry regiment SHAEF (sorry for the picture upside down) Unfortunately I can not identify those. Could you please help me ? Thanks
  2. Hello Thanks for the pictures. I will get it on wednesday. I will try to take better pictures.
  3. Hello First sorry for the poor pictures. I am buying a whole lot of ww2 crate saved from the trash and among the one I know there is this one. I am sure I have seen it before. I think it had a link with engineer. Do you know what it is ? Thanks
  4. Hello Does somebody has the answer to this question ? Thanks
  5. What about the 2nd AAF ? Thanks again
  6. Thanks a lot ocsfollowme.
  7. Hi. It was sold as a lot. I purchased it for the first three (9th AAF, AAF,TD). I will sell the others.
  8. Hello As promised, here are the closeup. What are the patch with the half track and the one written colorgraphic ? I will keep the 9th AAF, the AAF and I promised to someone the TD patch. Would you mind telling me what are worth the others ? Thanks a lot
  9. won the lot ! I will share the closeup with you when I get them (in a week)
  10. Do you know where there were made ? They do not look US made (except the 8th AAF and SHAEF)
  11. Hello What do you think about this patch lot ? That's the only pictures I have. Thanks Julien
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