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  1. I recently ordered the new book from David Schwind, "Sacrifice Remembered". Just received it in the mail earlier this week. Wow, I can't put it down. For any medal collector, KIA collector like myself, anyone who is interested in World War II and the sacrifices made, this is a must read. As a collector, this will always be at my side. A wealth of wonderful pictures, stories honoring the fallen soldiers and a quintessential guide to collecting posthumous purple hearts and other medals of valor. In addition, there are some very historic medal groups that David photographed for this this book (The Sullivans, Isaac Kidd, General McNair, Etc., Etc.). The book is laid out in a specific, well thought out manner. I have been looking for a book like this for over 30 years. David hit this out of the park big time!!!
  2. I missed this post, but wanted to comment. I remember this uniform well from spending time with John Coy back in the early 1990’s. John was very proud to be the care taker of this uniform. He did acquire it directly from the family as posted earlier. I remember as John was teaching me things about the hobby, he always said it was one of his most interesting uniforms. He was a buck private as the guy could never seem to stay out of trouble according to the family. Nice find, it was always one of my favorate uniforms in his collection.
  3. I have done some research. The only person that seems to fit would be Pappy Boyington. Not saying it was his....that would be quite a stretch without provenience. No matter what, it has been a fun research project. There were lots of possibilities, but drilling down to posthumous and multiple award recipients narrows it down tremendously.
  4. I was only thinking Army due to the 3/8" Ribbons....as most of the WWII Navy uniforms in my collection or have run across have 1/2" ribbons. There were some Navy Cross awards to the Army as well, not many, like a dozen. Additionally, maybe this is not a WWII ribbon rack. Maybe post war. However, I am most interested in the MOH ribbon and the printed or painted stars. Might help give an indication of the age. I appreciate your posts!
  5. I recently picked up this ribbon bar. Appears to be army, but has the Navy Cross. So my thoughts are: 1. Could be post WWII as it is not the wide Navy style. 2. Could be a Navy Cross awarded to an Army member. There were not a lot. The back of the bar is clutch type. My question for the forum. The stars are wearing off the MOH. It appears that they were painted or printed on the ribbon. Most I have seen are stitched with white thread. Is this an older or newer style? Any additional thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Awesome Grouping Eric.......sad story as well. Thanks for rescuing this group and certainly preserving the memory of the major and his lovely wife!!!!
  7. Great movie! This movie is out performing anything other movie at the box office by far. I can't believe that it didn't get more awards, only nominations. Heck, I guess I am not really surprised knowing the history of the academy.
  8. Definitely privately engraved. Nicely done.......as stated above, no attempt to deceive.
  9. Everyone, I have really enjoyed everyone's opinions! There are a few pieces that I would be interested in normally. Just my opinion only...the seller is not a collector to keep the history alive, just plain and simple a profiteer. I have understood this right from the start. Met to many in my life to think differently, we all have. The fact that this group is getting broken up is criminal. Just not right. There is no way I will bid on any one item. Who ever is trying to keep it together, good luck!!! Marc
  10. Sad to break up the group. It's a shame when money comes into play. Thanks, Marc
  11. Thanks for posting the Commodore's Uniform. I remember purchasing the Vice Admiral uniform thinking that I will be able to research and uncover the owner's name......piece of cake. Like your Commodore's uniform, it has been anything but. Rusty Canteen is right, I need to keep an open mind and continue to dig. Maybe some day the name of the owner will be found. If not, the research is fun to do. Add to it, I will most likely learn a few things along the way. I am traveling this week, but when I get back home. I will post a Lt. Colonels uniform that has a really nice sewn on ribbon bar. I purchased it in 1992. When I bought it I thought that it would be easy uniform to research and put a name to it. In the 1990's it was not easy. The uniform had a 79th division patch. The 79th division unit history was some help, but nothing definitive. It took 15 years and the internet to finally uncover the owner. It was Olin Teague, a bonafide war hero and congressman from East Texas. Thanks, Marc
  12. thanks i appreciate your notes and thoughts. marc
  13. I wanted to thank everyone responding to the topic. Some interesting thoughts and ideas. Over the holidays, I went back to look at the US Navy Officer and Warrant Officer publications. I did look at the retired list. Based on the initials W and A, Willis A. Lee is the closest to matching the medals. Lee was awarded the Navy Cross, Navy Distinguished Service Medal (awarded two, last one right before his death) and the Legion of Merit. No WWII victory medal or occupation medals. Lee died in August 1945. I'm not sure it is Lee's uniform, but still not willing to rule it out. I have a biography from the Navy Library on Willis A. Lee. Nothing mentioned regarding a Silver Life Saving Medal. I do know that in the early morning hours of November 15th, 1942, Lee purposely directed the USS Washington to pick up survivors and drop life rafts as the Washington passed sailors sunk from the Walke and I believe the Benham or Preston. I really feel like I am starting to reach for something that is not there. Nothing mentioned on Foreign Medals.......which I am not surprised. What is the accuracy of the these biography's. Where would I look to find his Personnel File (this would most likely be the most accurate)? St. Louis or College Park, MD. Thanks, Marc
  14. I wanted to thank everyone for the input on the admiral flags. Great feedback!!!
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