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  1. The bottom one kind of looks like an outhouse...
  2. It looks like a Curtiss Model D biplane, circa 1910-11. Similar picture is in the Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtiss_Model_D
  3. And based on the star on the National Defense Service Medal, he had to have enlisted before '75 and gotten out after '90.
  4. Dave, I just saw this one after it got a bump forward. If that's the one photographed from the National Museum of the Marine Corps' collection, I was in the room in the basement of Lejeune Hall (Quantico Base HQ building) when Col Fox personally handed this medal to the Director of the Museum prior to opening day back in 2006 (if memory serves me right on the date). He related the story of how duplicate medals were produced so recipients could donate them to an institution for display and still have one to wear. Also, if I remember correctly, he credited Barney Barnum with pushing for that rule change. S/F Scott
  5. BTW, the helicopter in #25 is a Sikorsky HRS-1 (USMC Korean War vintage).
  6. There were also a couple of unit shoulder patches. The 3dMarDiv patch on the top right is felt.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a lot of patches from an online auction. The only one I was really interested in was the Quartermaster Sergeant one. But it turns out there were some other really nice items in the group. This is the front side of them:
  8. After Desert Storm, I brought home an Iraqi uniform, helmet, canteen and cup, a magazine pouch, and a piece of an 8" artillery round (ours). I also had an Iraqi gas mask, decon kit, and AK magazines with arabic writing on them, but all that was stolen by the customs inspectors. I had a Kuwaiti flag from a deployment post Desert Storm, but the movers stole that. From OIF, I brought back a bunch of Iraqi constitutional referendum ballots (Oct 2005). And I also brought home some Iraqi dinars from both Desert Storm and OIF. As a matter of fact, I always brought back coins and paper currency from every country I visited.
  9. sorry about the double pictures on the previous. Here are Chesty Puller's ribbons from the Marine Corps Museum's collection.
  10. Here's a picture of Smedley Butler's ribbons that are on his MajGen uniform in the Marine Corps Museum's collection.
  11. TLeo, You can see the F/A-18 and the Desert Storm M-60 (not an M-1 Abrams) tank, both wrapped in plastic, from the 2nd deck overlook. Museum ran into some contract issues about what is and is not "construction". The schedule is to open the extension of Legacy Walk that contains sections on: "No Better Friend" - Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, Marine Security Guards, Civil Affairs, etc.; "Terror Strikes" - 9/11; and "Marine Families" in the spring of 2019. The Iraq/Afghanistan section, 1976-1991, and 1991-2001 sections soon thereafter. Followed by Marines in Sports/Sports Hall of Fame, "The Changing Gallery", a gallery designed to be switched out periodically, and the Hall of Valor (home for Medals of Honor, Navy Crosses, Silver Stars, etc.). Finally, sometime around 2022 or 2023, a section on the era between WW1 and WW2 covering the Banana Wars and the China Marines that'll contain a Boeing FB-5 and an original Roebling Alligator. Hope this helps.
  12. Kang, Dirk has a post about when he was able to see some of Puller's stuff in the Marine Corps Museum's collection: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1274456 and http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1274468
  13. Also, Marine Corps stars are supposed to go up and down and Navy stars go across. IMHO, it's either a put together or incomplete. Dave's got it on the big red flag - the NDSM would have a minimum of one star if it covers the period for which the other service medals were awarded: NDSM was awarded for for the Gulf War from 1990-1995 and for GWOT from 2001-present. If he/she served through both (as indicated by the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kuwait) and the GWOT Expeditionary and Service medals), there should be a star on the NDSM. Also, I'm not quite sure how one would earn two stars on the SWASM but no Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia).
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