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    Trenches of Ft. Mahone, Petersburg,Va.
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    WW1, WW2 USMC militaria, US and CS Long arms. Relic hunting and fast Ford's.
  1. SM Wholesale has a new run of covers that are really nice.
  2. That's pretty cool. UCV stuff has really taken off in value over the last 15 years.
  3. I'm curious about the weave of the HBT material. Is it correct ?
  4. I'm scheduling an appointment with one of the curators at Quantico to look at the pouches held in storage. Will be between May 5-9.
  5. Note, his name was Jess Hundley, not Jake Hundley, and he was last known to be in New Mexico about 4-5 years ago. This comes from a friend who was in a SF reserve group here in Va. with Hundly back in the 80's
  6. I received a message today from Steve1987 regarding the pouch that he purchased from me. I have offered to refund his money in full minus shipping. I'm not fully convinced that the pouch is fake for two reasons. First reason, the snaps are marked inside Carr 13 which predates i believe, the United Carr merger. Second reason, I purchased the pouch back in 1994 or 1995. I'm not sure that anyone was making these back in that part of the '90s. On the known fakes, are any known to be marked on the inside of the female snaps ? if so, what marking ? I'm having a hard time believing this piece
  7. And in the latter stages of the Civil War, the 1816 style weapons were issued out to the militia. I've owned 3 originals ( down to one now) that were brought home by their Confederate owners who served in Col. Fletcher Archer's Battalion of Virginia ( Petersburg) militia who probably just went home as Petersburg fell. Additionally, I've dug many .69 roundballs from the area's of the famous battle of old men and boys.
  8. Which of the USMC cross flap canteen covers is rarer ? The one with the drain hole or the one without ? Thinning the heard some.
  9. Tidewater Military Traders is operating under the name Classic Firearms/ Echoes of Glory. I pulled a nice Fix bail helmet out of the Antique Mall in Williamsburg for $25.00 and have found numerous other good deals there as well. The little bit that Corky's gets now days is pretty expensive.
  10. I have an original Iceland "type" that appears to have never had the diamond device affixed. It does however, clearly exhibit the area where the EGA was mounted for a long period of time.
  11. It's an insult to every soldier, sailor or Marine who earned those medals.
  12. While this was written many years ago, it's still a good guide for the beginning researcher of CS Clothing, http://www.military-historians.org/company/journal/confederate/confederate-1.htm Enjoy.
  13. This is a fabulous jacket. However, there is nothing in the construction or patterning to attribute it to being a Richmond Depot/ Clothing Bureau produced piece.
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