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  1. Check out VT-10's Wiki page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VT-10 This looks like the timeframe and location that would coincide with Training Squadron Eleven (VT-11). "...training operation for prospective Naval Aviation Observers who would receive follow on training.." ​This may explain the cowboy wearing a scarf/ bandana over his eyes (flying blind). My guess, this was a one-off patch for a class of students/graduates and made off base (NAS Pensacola). Thoughts?
  2. From the Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons, Volume 1, Page 1, Roy A. Grossnick (1995) The VT designation was used as an abbreviation for a Torpedo Squadron from the early 1920s and lasting until 15 November 1946 when the designation VT (Torpedo Squadron) was abolished. Then, on 1 May 1960, the use of the VT designation was reinstituted. However, this time the meaning and mission for VT was assigned as training and stood for Training Squadron (VT).
  3. Correct! Not WW2. Torpedo Squadron Eleven (VT-11) was established in October 1942. They later became Attack Squadron 12A (VA-12A) in November 1946. (See avatar)
  4. Thanks Dave! Would you know the date of issue for 4648 and 4650? I want to be sure before I take the next step.
  5. Can anyone help identify if this was an issued medal and to whom it was awarded? I found this at my father's house and wanted to make sure it's not a family piece. Thanks
  6. These blocks of wood were made from original pieces of the Hornet's flight deck and given to workers and contractors. From May 1951 to September 1953 most of the wooden flight deck was removed while at the New York Naval Shipyard. Attached is a photo of a piece of flight deck from my collection. Sorry for the crappy cell pic.
  7. Capt. Doyle(fourth from the left facing forward with coffee cup and cigarette in left hand) with the pilots of Torpedo Squadron Eleven.
  8. 70 years ago, onboard the USS Hornet, the men of Air Group Eleven celebrated Christmas. Here are a few images
  9. I received this Air Medal citation from the daughter of a Veteran from VT-11. This will be going to a museum and I would like to have it preserved/ restored before they display it. Anyone have experience with this type of work or have a recommendation on where to send this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Tim
  10. Is there anyone making correct WW2 reproduction, embroidered felt, USN squadron patches? I need some made like the example below. Thanks
  11. Kurt, Thanks for posting these. I am glad you picked up this grouping. Seeing named VT-11 gear makes my day. Tim
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