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    Im a photographer by trade and hobby. Love the outdoors and biking. I have been collecting Third Reich items for 15 yrs and recently have been collecting U.S. items. Im rather new to this area and hope to learn a lot from all of you. Ive become somewhat addicted to this site and since my membership I have learned a lot. Thanks to you all.
  1. just added one to my collection recently. A flea market find for $15!
  2. Ive seen these photos a few times in past on ebay and then doing searches on internet. Im still confused weather or not it was commercially produced or at first private photos. I personally think produced on a wider scale. Although real cool and interesting photos!
  3. The Blue on the helmet is very close to blue helmets in photo.
  4. What a great helmet. Regardless of era it ROCKS!
  5. This is great! Love the art work on this one! Thanks for showing to me at MAX! And a big thanks for selling me your burlap lid! I also like how you display the lid on stand above the liner. Intersting way to showcase!. Jeff
  6. This is a nice looking used helmet. I always liked the look of the rust bleeding through.
  7. You could always make those helmet turtles that are welded up you see at art stores!
  8. Every thing I would say about helmet prices has already been said above. For me I have been saving my money for the SOS and have not bought anything significant for a a few months.
  9. Good thought Mike! Will have to google image or see if anyone has any to see
  10. I just picked this 2 Star Rear Admiral Flag yesterday at a small local auction. So no history conected to it. But I to was looking for info on line and a fellow forum member mentioned your post. I had a hard time finding anything and am happy to see my flag is also WW2 vintage according to your research. The Zinc grommet has the 3 stamped. I thought I would post pics of mine to help others looking too. Very nice flag you have there too. Did you find anything on the possible range of value?
  11. Thats a great Liner!!! I too am after one. I have a great period frames 5x7 photo of a Constable. The photo is black and white with some hand colored tinting highlighting the yellows on his liner and yello scarf around his neck.. A liner like this next to the photo would make for a real nice small display! Congrats!
  12. Nice looking! I too found one very similar in condition. name stenciled on inside. Along with it was another cover 1950s version I guess. named to same Marine. Thanks for sharing. Love these covers!
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