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  1. TIMME supplied "wollen fabric" to the US Navy
  2. I'm now on the hunt for one of these! Can anyone help me at all please ? I have found one part ,which I believe is the parachute pack . LB
  3. Nice Justin !! I do like patched up G1's .Must be from watching "Top Gun" as a young fella !!
  4. Thank you Dustin , strange regarding the Airforce but navy contract :/
  5. Has anyone got a list of the manufacturers of the A6 boot ? I know of a couple ,but last night I was shown a pair with what I think is a suspect label on them . Any help please ? I will get a pic of the label posted later today LB
  6. So the gloves are not 100% AAF legitimate?
  7. I have just picked up a pair of the Type F1 anti exposure gloves that compliment this type of suit
  8. That hurts me somewhat , BUT , it is yours to do with as you see fit ! Im like Mr Jerry , im a purist too !!
  9. Thanks Ron ! Much appreciated! LB
  10. I have just taken delivery of a Type K25 very similar to the K20 .
  11. Type K 20 hand held camera , 42 manufacturer date . Looks like it is missing the handle from the right hand side unfortunately LB
  12. I have a detailed photograph of how and where the AAF had to mark there clothing and equipment . Message me if you need any more info LB
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