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    Always looking for uniforms and weaponry, and weird/unique items
  1. I'm going to be visiting Gettysburg from July 10th to the 13th. We'll be up there for the Carlisle Mopar Show, but I saved a day for visiting the antique and militaria shops in the area. I have a budget of $800, and I was wondering if anybody knew of good antique shops around the area? I have been to Gettysburg before, so I know about the shops on the main roads, but are there any lesser known shops that don't have the main street markups? I'm looking Civil War era memorabilia, specifically rifles, handguns, or uniform related items and stuff like that. Please tell me the address of any places you know of, and I'm not looking to travel too far out of the town because I have a bit of a time limit. Thanks in advance! Tyler
  2. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have any idea what the "10" could mean on the m1917, or the ZB47?
  3. Mr. Jerry I left behind a 1980's era M1 helmet that I already have, and another m1917 helmet without markings or liner, but it was still $20 so I may go back!
  4. Yeah sorry, I had to jump to mobile to post the pics. On their way now.
  5. So I'm in this antique shop in Upstate New York, and everything seems kind of pricey, so I head upstairs in a last ditch effort to find something to bring home with me. After a few minutes of browsing through glassware and furniture and other things I'm sure at least some people care about because they're everywhere, I find a dealer with *you guessed it* glassware and furniture. But hey, I see a canteen in the distance, and where there's smoke, there's usually fire. And boy was it some fire. There were 4 helmets for sale, but 2 caught my eye. A World War I Brodie Helmet, with original liner and chinstrap, sporting a painted number "10" on the shell, and a Vietnam War era M1 helmet. So I decide to try and find a price tag on these, because I'm pretty interested. But hey, the tag prices the Brodie at $20 and the M1 at $30. So yeah, I hovered over these things, barking and growling at every passerby until I made my to the register and threw $50 bucks at them faster than those darn Duke boys in their fancy car, and took off down the road back home. Let me tell you, I'm one happy camper right about now, so I want to share the excitement with you guys. Tell me what you think! Cheers, Tyler
  6. I'm a volunteer at my local war history museum, and earlier this year, we had a very interesting man come in to visit. I don't really want to disclose his full name because I'd rather have permission from the man before I do so, but he did give me permission to tell his story, his first name is Phil. Phil was a member of an organization that was a lot like Boy Scouts before World War II broke out. In the mid 1930's, Phil and his organization traveled over to Germany to visit the house of a famous German poet. Upon arriving to Germany, it had been discovered that the poet was sick and unable to have visitors. The group had already booked to stay the night at a local inn, so they decided to take a walk for the day and look at some monuments, until they saw a crowd starting to form. Phil told me that he, at that point, saw a car pull up with a German officer inside. The Officer spoke in German to the Organizer of the trip for a while, and then pointed to the group and told them to follow him. The Officer led them to a local restaurant's porch area, which was empty amongst the crowd, and he told them to stay there. About 30 minutes later, a bunch of German soldiers came up to the group and handed out candy and chatted with the kids. After the kids had grown fond of the troops, (because remember, they had no idea about the anti-semitism or human rights violations at the time) the soldiers requested that the kids to stand up straight and at attention. Moments later a car pulled up, and Adolf Hitler himself steps out to greet the group. It was just a quick handshake and pat the on shoulder, and Hitler told the kids that they were fine young men, and he got back into his car. The kids then watched Hitler speak at what was now understood to be a political rally from their porch view. Phil thought that this Hitler guy was great, but that totally changed when he saw how brainwashed the people there seemed to be. And when they all shouted their solute at Hitler and raised their right arms, he said that he was terrified. After the rally, the group was allowed to leave and return to their rooms. At the museum, Phil told me that he figured the Germans were being so nice because they wanted the American kids to go home and tell everyone how great Germany and the Nazis were. Phil later enlisted in the U.S Army and served during the war as a tank crewman. He retired from the Army years later, and now he runs a small store in my hometown. I just thought that this was an incredible story, and I wanted to tell it here so that it could be digitally archived, and get a little bit of appreciation from others. Also I was always bad at ending essays in school so I'm going to leave it here.
  7. The Black Sabre Chronicles is a series of books about the Sharps family's history in the United States military. The books I'm reviewing now is Buffalo Soldiers and Sable Doughboys. The books follow the African American Sharps family through The Indian Wars and WW1 (respectively.) I'll get this out of the way now, these might be some of the greatest undiscovered war novels of our time. Not only do they deal with the hardships endured in combat and war, but personal life and racism. One fight rages across an ocean or on a bloody frontier, but the other one rages in their own backyard. As I read these novels I become sad and happy and I react to every word, I really become part of the Sharps family. And the books are paced really well too. I never get bored, but it's not always a full-scale action movie. I recommend this book to everyone, but be weary, because this book has violent depictions of war, torture, and racism, so don't hand this to little Timmy. The only thing I dislike about these novels are that they have an end! The books are going for about $2 on amazon and the links are here for you.( http://www.amazon.com/The-Sable-Doughboys-Tom-Willard/dp/0812551060 ) ( http://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-Soldiers-Black-Sabre-Chronicles/product-reviews/0613334612/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending ) And if anyone has a good World War 1 book, please share!
  8. I did see it at work today, and when I see it again I'll be sure to have my camera! And I'm going to research this item a lot! Its definitely unique and amazing!
  9. Its really a unique item, especially with the very low serial number of 75. Is this an item that's really "worth" more than my vehicle? Dont get me wrong, this is the most amazing item I've seen in my 7 years of collecting, but will is appreciate a lot in value or does it just not seem worth it to you all. And how frequently do these turn up?
  10. How rare do you think a piece like this is?
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