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  1. Hes right it is from a person who has faked them in the past before. Beware. There getting better and better at faking these.
  2. its exactly 17 pounds. Whats the value of something like this?
  3. Hello, Is this a real Revolutionary War Cannon Ball? From the research I have conducted it is but I would like some responses from someone knows about these. Its an odd size and weight. 17 pounds and 11 inch diameter thanks Damon
  4. that's correct. There M48s and not jump boots. Damon
  5. it is a nice example of a 1950s patch though.
  6. There real! Nice set
  7. Yes they are copies from the mid to late 1980s. Damon
  8. Its complete fraud! I once bought a rare patch off of ebay because the listing had a real one in photo listed and I got the patch in the mail and it was a completely different patch. wow safe to say I complained to ebay until I got my money back and I sent him the patch back. Ebay has always been a buyer beware market place!
  9. Yes there real and majority of them are 1980 to present day. We still use a similar 101st patch for Multi cam uniforms just has Velcro on the back side.
  10. Really fake. I hope some poor soul does not think these are real.
  11. 75 dollars max. It is not in very good shape and sadly there correct they have began to fall off a little the past couple of years. I have a few and couple of them I bought when they where higher and probably own them for a long time. Damon
  12. Here is the center for review. Thanks everyone for the replies. Damon
  13. Gentlemen, I have the Army Airborne Litter version which is a folding wooden handled style instead of metal. thanks I thought it was WW2 era but was making sure. thanks, Damon
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