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  1. It's a three inch wing. Regards , Dominique
  2. Paul and Bob your comments are greatly appreciated . Keep safe , Dominique
  3. Thank you for your input John. Keep safe,
  4. Dear Forum , These were recently acquired. CBI made ? Thoughts welcome. Thank you and stay safe , Dominique
  5. Input much appreciated. Thank you Andrew. Regards , Dominique
  6. would appreciated. Please read : would be appreciated...
  7. Dear Forum , Your thoughts would appreciated as ever.... Thank you ,
  8. Definitely a die struck wing. Thank you for your inputs and a wonderful year 2020 ! Dominique
  9. These appear to be made of brass with a silver grey coating. Quite a heavy piece. Prewar wings? Thank you for your thoughts & Happy New Year ! Dominique
  10. Great looking boots indeed ! Allan , could you check your message box? Dominique
  11. This is the Fox pattern but with a sterling instead of the F hallmark. Most interesting... Thank you for your input Mike !
  12. Dear Forum , I understand this wing is an original war time piece. Am I correct ? Thoughts welcome... Thank you , Dominique
  13. Inputs appreciated thank you. I have seen some AECo sloopy marking but this one is unreadable .
  14. AECo markings present on both sides of caduceus reverse.
  15. Dear Forum , If I don't get myself wrong this wing was made by AECo. The markings appear obliterated... Thoughts welcome. Thank you,
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