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  1. Very nice indeed. Congrats !
  2. Your comment is much appreciated . IMHO ,this wing could well be an original war time theater made piece . My presumption is based on the following : massive badge , crude finish and solid soldering ...
  3. Thoughts welcome once again... Thank you, Dominique
  4. Pattern IV 1945 dated...
  5. Thank you for your kind words Russ !
  6. So do I... Please read : So would I...
  7. Love to know who the “Queen” was.. So do I... As to the scratches, can't make anything out...
  8. This one puzzles me a bit... Thoughts welcome !
  9. Thank you. Your input is much appreciated.
  10. These appear to be original period pieces...
  11. Comments highly appreciated. Thank you Gentlemen.
  12. Thank you for your time. Still unsure I confess...
  13. Dear All , Thoughts welcome... Thank you ,
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