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  1. This is a really great group. I think you are very fortunate to have found them.
  2. I really like home front items like this. Thank you very much for sharing this
  3. An amazing group.Thank you for sharing it. Were chevrons always mounted during this period so low on the sleeve?
  4. Hello Allan, Do you mean Civilian Conservation Corps from the 1920's?
  5. I have a chevron which I believe was worn by a member of the Cavalry Commissary Department in the Spanish American War era. The chevrom has 4 inches height ans 3.25 inches width. Could anyone confirm that information?
  6. These are very nice groups. Thank you for sharing.
  7. This is a very interesting item. Thank you for sharing it.
  8. Was this Parole of Honor practiced by both the Allies and the Central Powers?
  9. I several prowar anti Jane Fonda badges from the Vietnam War era. Is there a market for these ?
  10. This is a very interesting discussion. In had heard there was a wide variety of weapons used by both sides in Vietnam and the personal accounts of the members responding here supports that fact.
  11. Thank you all for this very interesting info. I find these civilian ribbons fascinating.
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