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  1. What a beauty, the goggles are great too! The sewn in padding in the chin strap is a nice touch. You must have a log of people on the lookout for you!🙂
  2. Their officer forgot to mentioned that Godzilla is bulletproof! Just saw that the kit is on Amazon.... the Jeep quality looks pretty good.... https://www.amazon.com/MPC-Godzilla-Defense-Plastic-MPC882/dp/B07SGB47S4
  3. Thanks for posting those great photos, the very early photos of the cockpit instruments show how the interior developed between the Feb. 3 - 1935 and Feb. 12 - 1935, I´d love some of those pre-WW2 instruments, not to mention a 1935 .30 Browning with spade grips!👍
  4. Hi Jerry, is the order number on the box for the magazine a Navy number? (starting with NXs)
  5. Still, really nice, a lot of work put into that one, the pilot must have been pretty particular!
  6. The carbine with the Garand bayonet is at 16:42....
  7. Hi, just for interests sake: while watching the film "Speeding up the attack" about the battle for the Marshall Islands I noticed this M1 carbine sporting a bayonet from an M1 Garand.... I was wondering how this Marine (maybe a soldier) had done it?! Has this been seen before? Hope you find it interesting. -John
  8. Yes, the N-6A is nice too, these used to be very common and cheap to pick up. I was looking in my Dauntless SBD-5 pilot's handbook, it shows a camera button for the gunner's flexible guns but I think that might be just for training purposes. Here is the box that the magazine came in, I think it is a Navy order number?
  9. Here is my US Navy Bell & Howell N-6A gun camera, both cameras take the Kodak 16mm film cassette.
  10. The latest item for my collection, a 1941 US Navy Type N4 gun camera by Fairchild Aviation Corp., this type of camera was used in most WW2 USN fighter & attack aircraft. The camera was usually mounted facing forward in the wing or fuselage and started filming when the guns were fired to record the effect of the aircrafts gunfire. The camera is in really nice condition and still has the original lens filter. The 16mm film magazine is marked "THIS MAGAZINE IS THE PROPERTY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT"..... I have a later US Navy Type N-6A gun camera by Bell & Howell, bo
  11. Ok, I will leave it as is, the boom mount is unmarked and looks unused so you might be right about it never having a mic.
  12. Thanks a lot for the info and rundown on dates of use etc. mowhawk, it´s great to find someone with some info on later flight helmets as I have mostly WW2 items, I love this helmet though! I´ll check for photos and info on NoAF Hercs and Orion flight gear and helmets! So you think I should get a boom mike for it? If so, what type would suit it best? cheers, John
  13. A couple more photos..... It looks like the helmet was not used much, I might try to get an oxygen mask that suits it better like an MBU-12/P or MBU-14/P as the MBU-5/P is not really the correct era mask for the helmet, I have only seen a couple of photos of them in use together, both were in use by NASA T-38 pilots.
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