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  1. That's pretty cool! too bd the discharge paper is missing or Dan didn't go back to the original owners.
  2. Is there a database of records to one can access to research dogs that were donated and accepted into the "Dog for Defense" program during WWII? I have a certificate for "Dan" the dog and would like to find out more about him/her.
  3. Trevor does a real good job keeping his dad's show going. Worth the visit. I'm going to both this and the SOS, yes it is humanly possible!
  4. Neat find I made. It's a kepi wreath with a government "US" head stamped .38 round casing attached. The side of the shell is engraved "Save Cuba". Didn't see that until after I bought it and got it into better light. Not sure what the bullet is, it may be celluloid definitely not lead.
  5. I have found reference to four DI's with this motto. Pretty sure it's not the first three and I can't find an example of the 975th. Mine has no maker's info and has two screw back posts. 111th Art; 185th Inf; 308th Cav; 975th CA
  6. The show is next weekend, November 22nd and 23rd in Leavenworth, KS. It is sold out; all tables are reserved. Hope to see you there!
  7. Thank you for the advice and tips. I will defiantly pick up that book. Fortunately, this was just a small part of a grouping I picked up which had 23 of the clasps, all different mounted on three medals. Obviously no one earned ALL of them so I figured someone just colleceted them, just didn't figure 1968 rather than 1918!. But, what a beautiful bronze tone they have! Thanks again.
  8. Not sure why you think they are reproduction but here is the back view.
  9. Just curious. I've seen a lot of "Sub Chaser" clasps for the WWI victory medal but, not so many "Submarine Chaser" clasps. Is one more scarce than the other and why the variation?
  10. Thank you Allan, I appreciate the help! Jason
  11. Can anyone ID this award with the National Defence ribbon? It's embroidered onto OD wool dating to the mid-1950's and is not the POW medal. Thank you!
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