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  1. 10th Coastal Artillery, Harbor Defense of Narragansett Bay.
  2. Thanks Bill, I was looking at Vanguard or Vulcan or some other unknown entity that exists out there in the collecting world. Never have even heard of Volupte before. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience of collecting with me. Regards, Tom
  3. Thanks Bill for the quick reply. My next question is who and were do Voltupe come from? Sorry to be a pain but I have been looking most the afternoon for this hallmark. Thanks much, Tom
  4. Early Vanguard is my best guess. You all know everything, so I will leave it to the experts.
  5. Not seen this one before. On an EGA Visor Cap Badge. Thanks as always.
  6. Hey John, The site kept saying the pic was too big, even though it was 147k. I'll try it again this evening. Right now it's lunchtime. Like your avatar and motto. Is that a B-25 your in?
  7. Thanks All, Any Idea about the rarity or value of these pieces, going on the Bay unless someone here is interested.
  8. Hello All, Can't find these two, figured Cavalry with the yellow or a re-designation of such but have come up empty handed. Right one is NSM, New York. Any help would(as always) be appreciated.
  9. You are correct CDWells, all I've found is Fremantle Harness Racing Club (Australia).
  10. Thanks La Finch & 29Navy. That one had me puzzled to say the least.
  11. Thanks LeFinch, Really? Looks like a sword and a pike. Thought it was like a boarding or landing party or something. Navy sure doe's have some strange symbolism. Thanks again, Tom
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