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    My beautiful son Tommy
    Any US army parkas, but especially M-1948 and EX-48 variety
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  1. Heh heh Note taken re the thread, thank you. I've managed to source a wolverine pelt that is on route to me I've also managed to find someone to machine it on, so I'll throw some before and after pics when the pelt arrives Wish me luck
  2. Thanks for the reply bud It has to be machines on to look as original as possible as the fur was all, without exception machined on I've managed to source the fur and a possible for the job as well hopefully
  3. Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I need some assistance/advice please, I wasnt sure exactly what section to post this, so it's in here anyway. I recently picked up a lovely 1940's prototype fishtail parka, it is trimmed with wolverine fur. The parka itself is in lovely condition but sadly the fur is shot and needs replacing. I want to replace it with the same wolverine fur but it has to be done properly, not hand stiched on or made to look like a pimps jacket. Ideally I'd like it to look as close as possible to its original look. Now in the UK I'm really struggling to find anyone
  4. I've managed to secure a very interesting ex 48 parka indeed It has a USMC frog camo pattern liner Photos to follow when it arrives
  5. Did the airforce change the sizing like the US army did years ago ? Is a 1950s large size usaf jacket the same as a 1970 's for example ? Hoping a 1970s Large is more like a large today or am I always going to be hunting a XL from whatever period I'm buying a few usaf jackets and I'm finding the sizing to be small on most of the older kit Appreciate any info on this guys as this area of collecting (usaf) is new to me Regards and God bless America John
  6. Beautiful parka and in lovely condition If anyone comes across an XL sized N3a going begging please shout me I'd love one of these. They did two types of fur, the fake fur and the coyote version shown above, which I belive is the earlier version Does it have a spring loaded zipper ?
  7. I know bud, you make a good point I may well try and source some old window sash cord and dye it I have a n2a with the same drawstrings on, and they are indeed like that Thanks for the tip
  8. If anyone has a tatty old n3a or n2a with drawstrings going for spares please shout me
  9. Yes bud that's wolf / coyote for sure Just wanted to thank everyone for the input here That's what makes this forum great
  10. Thanks Peter I appreciate your input bud It is very coarse and like a black wolverine fur But I cannot tell 100% either way. It isn't very nice against the skin, very coarse
  11. Hi guys Can anyone tell me where I can source a couple of these blue n3a drawstrings please ? It's the thick 1950s ones I have a hood drawstring missing and need to find one to match
  12. That looks lovely mate, well done you
  13. Appreciate your time buddy I'll have to look into this, I want to make sure I get the right patch for the job
  14. Hi guys I've just picked up a 1967 dated L2b jacket It's in minty condition, but has a faint outline on the left breast where some name tape or another type of patch would once have been What I wanted to know was what tape was likely to have been there and if it is name tape, what colours would it have been I ask as I want to replace it ideally Thanks in advance John
  15. Hi Kammo I can't really see the edging of it well enough to tell mate If it is or isn't hide. I did think it looked fake but I wasn't sure Thank you for clearing that up
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