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  1. Cane someone tell me what everything on this brassard stands for. Thank you
  2. Thank you. I saw the crew site and had no luck. I appreciate your comments. Thanks again, Redone
  3. I recently picked up this Submarine grouping belonging to a W R Dean who at one time served on the USS Nathan Hale SSBN 623. The # on his dog tags is 444 83 26 and was told he is deceased. I was also told that his service was to recent to be searched. Is that true ? If anyone can find anything on his service I would appreciate it. Thank you, Redone
  4. Dose anyone know what the 167 on this poncho is for ? Thank you
  5. Is this patch a real team patch made for the unit or is a commercial example made for collectors? If it is good what time period is it from ?
  6. Yes. It is Mandler. I didn't notice until you guys mentioned it. I was focused on the unit and finding out what ssi goes with it. Thank you, Redone
  7. Yes . I just noticed M. I thought it was made in Korea also. I'm don't understand why I can't find anything online about 7th Missile Bn or the 2nd Artillery. Thank you for responding. Redone
  8. I picked up this Scroll for D Battery 7th Missile Bn 2nd Artillery. Does anyone know what SSI was worn with it ? Also does any one know anything about the unit. I could not find anything. Thank you.
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