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  1. Thank you Warguy. Very helpful. Redone
  2. What does the Red border on the 1st Marine Division SSI represent ? I thought I read somewhere that it was for being wounded. I have been unable to find any proof that the vet who this uniform belonged to was ever wounded.
  3. Thank you. This was very helpful.
  4. Has anyone ever come across this Airborne tab ? White with red letters. Is it real ? What SSI was it used with ? Thank you,
  5. Hello, Can anyone tell me what unit in the 3rd ID this patch is for ? Thank you, Redone
  6. Can anyone help me with a unit ID for this patch ? Thank you, Redone
  7. Is this hat badge a cheaply made U.S. Officer's badge or is a foreign made example ?
  8. Can anyone ID this Crest ? I'm thinking it may be Quartermaster unit due to the Buff color . It's marked Wellington. Thanks
  9. Wow. Thank you very much Bill. I appreciate you taking the time to research this. Thanks again, Chris (Redone)
  10. I found this 1960 dated 4th Armored Division uniform. It's a standard issue class a uniform with a period 4th Armored Div SSI and German made 16th Artillery crests. I trying ti find out what the Blue Streak pin is for. Anyone out there know or ever come one before. It's made like a screw back US crest and has no maker marks.
  11. Hello, I trying to find out how old this cuff patch is. I don't think its a WWII piece. This has a silk background and the mermaid is fully embroidered with a cheese cloth back and finished black border. No Glow. Comparing it to a regular patch I would think it is a 50's - 60's U.S. made piece. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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