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  1. Here are some photos. I posted a request in the Recent finds section for help researching this uniform. If anyone here can find anything on G W Towne it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I recently picked up this USAF Capt's uniform and I've been unable to find anything on this officer. Can anyone help ? His name is sewn on the liner and looks like G W Towne. Thank you, Redone
  3. I recently found this helmet and can not ID the insignia. Does any know what unit it is ? Thank you, Redone
  4. Does anyone know what 88th ARRS DGT 14 is and is it an Army or Airforce unit ? These two patches were with Fake Vietnam War in country made patches. Is that what they are or are they good pieces made elsewhere in the 60s or 70s ? Thank you
  5. Hi Allan, Thank you for the response. Redone
  6. Recently a 1960s period USAF Officer's was up for auction on ebay. It had bullion Pilot's wings and Jump wings sewn directly in the jacket along with sewn on ribbons. It had a Red liner. Does anyone know what that red liner indicates ? Thanks
  7. What does the Red border on the 1st Marine Division SSI represent ? I thought I read somewhere that it was for being wounded. I have been unable to find any proof that the vet who this uniform belonged to was ever wounded.
  8. Thank you. This was very helpful.
  9. Has anyone ever come across this Airborne tab ? White with red letters. Is it real ? What SSI was it used with ? Thank you,
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