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  1. I recently picked up a field-made canteen cover and I'm wondering if it could be rigger made. I'm not an expert on AB equipment, in fact I've never tried to research it because most items are way out of my price range, but if a regular piece of theater-made equipment turned out to be a more obscure piece that would be fantastic. USMF isn't been to friendly with embedding imgur photos so here are the links. The flash gave the cover a shine but the second photo gives an accurate depiction of color and vibrancy. http://imgur.com/ggqOyA9 http://imgur.com/l2YtMVt http://imgur.com/J
  2. On the topic of patches in YD, would a handmade patch be acceptable for an early/mid war impression/display? One of my M1917 tunics is named to a YD vet, with one his handmade patches.
  3. I saw this tanker jacket recently and was wondering if it was original. The smaller size is a good sign, not many people are looking for reproductions at 34R. The zipper also shows some sign of age. The only things that are strange are the shine that the shell has and the very green liner, no brownish tints at all. What do you guys or gals think of the jacket?
  4. Saipan, 1944. 4th Marine Division. Original, WWII P41 Jacket, UNIS marked to Ordance Co. 4th Marine Div. M1941 Pack Upper M1941 Pack Lower M1941 Suspenders Reversable Poncho Leggings M1 Helmet Seamen's Paper Co. Liner 2nd Pattern Helmet Cover US Rifle, Cal. 30, M1 M1910 Canteen and cover 3rd Pattern "dog eared" Canteen and cover Eyeglasses M1 Bayonet M1910 Entrenching tool and cover Post-War M1923 Cartridge Belt - Greek production P41 Trousers - Korean War Chicken, Golden Comet, M2012 Child Reproductions Boondockers - WWII Impressions
  5. Do hollow-back torsos "accept" a full pack, or possibly a pack stuffed with a pillow or some other light object to give it some volume? $40 for a torso compared to $80 or $90 is a really attractive price, but that of course comes with some structural instability.
  6. I just checked the CMP and I doubt it. The Greek ones don't have the fastener for the 5 round stripper clips and have smaller grommets to hold the wire hangers which line up with what we're seeing in the photos. Aswell as having multiple lines of stitching near the belt clasp and a non-square belt clasp, the belt in question does seem to have the attributes of a Greek copy. The one big thing that makes me question that is the hardware used for adjusting size on the back of the Greek belts is the same as the M1910s and M1917s, though mine is just the same as the M1923.
  7. They do not have the straps cut off and there is no hardware that would suggest they were ever installed.
  8. This belt was thrown in with a recent trade and I'm having trouble identifying it as original or a reproduction. The belt in question is the one on top, compared to another M1923 and M1917. A 1/3 or 1/2 inch difference in the height of each pockets. Slight oxidation on the eyelights, a good sign of age. Another good sign of it being original, a rust stain and a faded US stamp. Some really wacky stitching on the back with very green thread. Other observations were that the belt's material seemed slightly lighter and more pliable. So, what're your
  9. Regulation SSI's weren't, but I'm quite sure that handmade ones were seen during the late months of the war. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/99408-ww1-patches-non-bullion/ Thanks guys, I'm glad being underage for service (sixteen at the moment) doesn't take away from the overall impression.
  10. 104th IR, 26th YD, 1917/18 Hopefully the "young look" doesn't ruin the impression. Looking for any constructive criticism.
  11. The angle of the flap on the second to the right seems to indicate it being an M-1917 belt. The flaps of M-1923 belts were often much more angled. The evidence that other forum members have put forward suggests that white gear was usually used by MPs and Cavalry units. Here's another photo of either bleached or white field gear.
  12. The seller has the item listed once again: http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-US-ARMY-COMBAT-M41-FIELD-JACKET-SERGEANT-STRIPES-26TH-YANKEE-DIV-PATCH-WOW-/111120314131?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19df496f13
  13. That is wild, I had a P41 set named to J.J Kamanski that I sold about a week ago, but this seems to be a different uniform! http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/166744-p41-jacket-and-trousers/
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