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  1. From this forum and online ive found that the ARVN rucksacks were popular with Marines. However, I havent found many reference photographs. Does anyone have photos of Marines with good views of the configuration of the ARVN packs?
  2. Also, I found one with FSN 6545-823-8165. Would this also be Vietnam era? It's claimed to have been issued in 1969.
  3. There are gazillions of these cases out there. How do you identify Vietnam dated cases? The best I've figured so far are ones with the NSN 6545-180-6239
  4. I recently got a NOS ARVN rucksack, and all the metal parts have the green corrosion on the brass. I tried some baking soda and water and it did absolutely nothing. My plan was to remove all the green and then repaint them as best I could. I don't really care about the collectibility because I bought this pack as a new pack so that I could wear it in myself, its my new pack for tromping around in the woods. I am also treating the canvas with otter wax (havent gotten to it yet, wanted to clean buckles first) to get it water repellent. Otter wax has no petroleum products, is there any reason it
  5. What does this stamp mean? Is it the manufacturer?
  6. Well thanks again, I googled the company name and couldn't find any WWII related links. And that's a good point about British gear and the PTO, especially that late in the war. I just didn't realize they were issuing machetes in the ETO but I'm pretty newbie about gear details.
  7. And thanks!! Who knows how long it would have been before I saw that haha.
  8. Ha! Hiding in plain sight!!!! It says RMB Ltd, 1944. Care to share with the rest of the class? Did this company only make the scabbards for that year? Were they issued to both Marines and Army or just Army? Do you think this is the original scabbard to this machete? What was the giveaway that this was a British '44?
  9. it seems like there is more markings below where the US stamp is, but are way way too faded to try and read. youre right though, who knows if this was the original scabbard.
  10. Is there any way to tell if this was a USMC or Army machete? I know the scabbards for USMC would say it but I don't know if the scabbard is the original.
  11. i dont know much of anything about WWII militaria, let alone machetes. found this at my local surplus store in a box under some clothes. wasnt marked with a price, and the owner said he wasnt sure if it was real or not. i figured hey why not, and thought it looked pretty legit. cost me $25.
  12. And since it looks like a standard one I am assuming the shoulder strap was added later.
  13. After looking at the m1944 packs, I decided to look at mine closer. When I lifted the rubber liner out I saw that the additional straps seen on the other 44s were removed. You can't tell from the outside but you can see stitching on the inside. Mystery solved on that one!
  14. He was navy so I would've put my money on USMC gear vs Army. I just haven't found at this time any other photographic evidence of the shoulder strap. I think it might have been a add on by my grandfather perhaps, but the rivets look pretty nice as if they were factory attached. Part of me wants to cut it off so I can use a longer shoulder strap and part of me wants to leave it alone.
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