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    Murfreesboro, TN
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    Mostly collect WW1 and WW2 items. Really love US and German head gear. Member of the Ohio Valley Military Society and the Tennessee Military Collectors Association.
  1. WOW what a great story! I can't help but to wonder what helmets he may have had lol
  2. Very nice collection. Wish I had an uncle that had German helmets setting around. lol David
  3. Very nice! I have always loved there patch. David
  4. maj1776

    D Day Display

    That's really cool! David
  5. Awesome display! I love the stone wall background. Looks like a professional display. David
  6. Nice collection, beautiful wife, and a banjo! What more dose a man need? David Gibson Earl Scruggs standard 1992
  7. WOW what a wonderful collection! My favorite was the E Co Composite BN helmet. The colors in the war bonnet is beautiful. David
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