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    I collect items from the 100th Bomb Group and POW items. P/H's etc. Writing an article on V42's, only the ones issued to FSSF forcemen. Uniform and edged weapon collector. Collect some German and Japanese items.
  1. WW2 era. 790th bombardment squadron assigned to the 467th bomb group. Flew B-24's and in late 45', B-17's in the ETO. Nice patch.
  2. That's the way it goes in auctions. You may pay more then it really is worth. It looks to be chrome plated or stainless steel as there is no indication it's sliver. Never know just how bad someone wants it or will pay for an item. Some guys just have very 'deep' pockets and maybe this was no big deal for him. Who knows.
  3. Just a way to really date the jacket as to the year it was made.
  4. Woolite works best. Just have to follow the directions. After the wash treatment, which doesn't take too long, rinse real good and place between paper towel and just press it to remove excess water and if you have to get another paper towel, no problem, then place it on a flat surface, not in direct sunlight or heat and let it dry naturally as there is no hurry to play with the patch. Would rather use Woolite as it is not harmful to the wool and is gentle as opposed to the modern cleaners. Most modern cleaners contain brighteners.
  5. Great movie and very factual on the days leading up to the invasion.
  6. Good information to have on the bayonets.
  7. What's the chance of finding his lost uniform in a store three years later. That's great for him.
  8. Neat photos and the majority are Navy guys, not that it's a bad thing but it seems that more Navy men got tattoo's then the other services at that time. Now a days it's everyone. The guy with all the names, that must have hurt.
  9. Always nice to get a flag signed by your friends along with some captured items.
  10. NVA helmet and a nice bring back piece.
  11. This is a real cool item and from a u-boat as you don't find a lot of u-boat items for sale. Nice!
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