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    The American Plaque Company is a Veteran Owned Small Business. We have been proud to serve our Nation's military service men and women for over 20 years.
  1. Hi ALL!! Most of our customers are from US Military and US Government. We made presentation, retirement, table and seals plaques from them. MilitaryPlaques.com have been providing their plaques for over 20 years now. Here are some of our artworks:
  2. WOW!! Saving this is very worth it....
  3. Have a look at this rifle carved in solid mahogany wood: http://www.militaryplaques.com/store/combat-infantry-badge-plaque
  4. It's a wonderful and perfect present!!
  5. This is one of MilitaryPlaques.com's client request for their USN MCPO Plaque
  6. Consider a wood craft? http://www.militaryplaques.com/store/marine-corps-plaques http://www.militaryplaques.com/
  7. Awesome!! a mini museum! Hang this on your wall?
  8. Hi All! Care to share and post your plaques collection here? Here's our Army Plaques Marine Plaques Air Force Plaques Navy Plaques Military Desk Nameplate
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