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    Looking for items from 112th combat engineers in WW2.
    Buying USMC marksmanship trophy medals,badges.
  1. Have you guys fired any of these rounds? I have fired a few of them myself. You have to have a hard target to see them work. I shot them at a steel plate and got a good show
  2. Very cool wish we could here the rest of the story on how he got the arm band.
  3. Sure is a great way to start your collection out my friend. Very nice group to a great ship. These types of groups are not the easiest to find these days so good job on the find.
  4. That is pretty cool sure don't see them like that these days.
  5. Thanks for the link I'm a very big fan of the model 39. My father was one of the first police officers in the city of Louisville to carry ones while on duty. At the time the late 60s most guys still favored there revolvers over autos. He was one that didn't even thow he keep a j frame as a back up to the model 39. He was involved in a couple,of gun fights with the model 39 and in both it performed flawless and got him home to my mother safe and sound. We still have the pistol in are collection and she shoots as straight as anything in it's class still to this day. It's one that will be keep t
  6. Are you wanting some opinions on if the helmet is real or if the paint is war time done? I like the lid myself I think it all looks pretty good but it don't look to have been used a lot.
  7. Your rite the pics aren't the best and that makes,it hard to be sure. But I think,you may be ok with it.
  8. Congrats the best pieces are the ones family gives you or that are attached to,your,family. The only pieces in my collection I will never get rid of are ones with family connections. To inherit a piece like that is a great honor in my book I hope you feel the same way. And the pistol is great to. The second case insid the holster is very cool. Do you know if that's the way he brought it back? To bad you never had a chance to,get the story on how he liberated the pistol I'm sure it's a hell,of a story.
  9. Very cool and very rare group like another member said this is the first group for this unit I have seen. Nice to know that these types of groups are still out there. It gives me hope that at any time you can still find something good out of the woodwork.
  10. Very cool and congrats on being able to have your grandfathers items. The pieces that I have from my family members are the only pieces that are never going to leave my collection. Family pieces are more then collectables they are your,heritage and worth keeping in the family for generations.
  11. Nice USMC uniform to start a brand new addiction. That's what collecting USMC uniforms has become for me but it's also been a lot of fun.
  12. It's for sure a set for Catholics that we can be sure of.
  13. The sleeve eagle is very different from most that I have seen in the past. Jerry could you give us a little more info on that type of eagle? I understand what you mean about it being left alone if it was for sale at a show. It's very different from most of the ones I have saw. I'm just wondering if it a rare version that was only made at a certain time or a short while?
  14. I like it looks like it's built good and would be sturdy enough for heavy use in the field. Also has the rite design for a proper fighting knife.
  15. That 82nd soldier in the picture above is pretty innovative to say the least. The way he has his extra mags on his chest looks like a modern tac best set up. He had a good idea and proves the point that nothing is new.
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