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    GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Oh I believe you Scotty! That's why we're glad you chime in on these things. I'm was waiting on the inevitable disagreement that I was also positive would ensue. Without knowing much about them of having the background you do I could see this repro as being very convincing to a lot of folks. I will guarantee if I saw this for sale in a shoe box I would have taken a stab at it, knowing what it's supposed to be but not knowing the technicalities.
  2. Well, this should get interesting Thanks for the heads up Scotty. I know nothing of these so It is interesting to see such a complex and convincing replica, and it will be equally as interesting to hear the feedback and reaction from the community.
  3. My understanding is that there are many variations over several years because of the different units involved in the prison. You see media units, MPs, JAG etc (the infantry I it's were really few and far between) but they were all involved in Sugamo and when they went to have patches made, they had their own idea of what they wanted and what unit traditions they had.
  4. ^ that was my first thought Kurt, it looks like those, I had a bunch of 10th MTN ones and tabs and all, similar in general to this but the colors here aren't as brite. I would love to know more
  5. Eric I'm not feelin the tab to be honest, they cearly don't look to have been made by the same folks, but aside from that I'm just not sure about the tab bro. But I hope I'm wrong. Someone who is an expert on these will chime in and say one way or another.
  6. Agreed with Kurt, real solid Japanese made.
  7. I know he was with Attack, I'm not 100% which platoon right now. I didn't know him well outside of the few encounters I had with him, as a small element from Dog Co we got teamed up from time to time with different Attack platoons for larger operations. I guess what stuck out most was the outpouring of support Attack had for each other when they lost him. It was a big hit for them and that spoke volumes about him. I will look through my pictures as soon as I can and see if I have any pictures of his tribute and ceremony the battalion had at Joyce. It's been years and I don't know if I hav
  8. I was in a different company from SSG Lindstrom but we did work together and he was highly regarded as a traditional and outstanding combat NCO. The Attack Co guys loved him and he was all around a good guy, one of Chosins finest. Rest Easy SSG.
  9. Ohhhhh that sucks! That means you earned yourself some good karma bud.
  10. Not necessarily artillery, guys used a lot of different methods to modify the way patches were sewn on and how to add some "flair" to the uniform. This could he a way to make the patch pop and really stand out, or it could be as simple as he only had red thread. Possibilities are endless!
  11. There's quite a bit on sugamo patches within the forum, shoot, that may be something you would like to do is compile the pictures into one thread like the divisional patches, etc.
  12. I agree I have seen the ascot with the skull patch on it and with a 7 th ID patch on it but never the DUI, great pic thanks for that!
  13. That bloody bucket is beautiful.
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