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  1. Some other book's you may need,


    The Mighty Eighth- Roger A Freeman Great book on the 8th AAF.Has Unit histories of the wing's assigned(bomber & fighter), Medal of Honor recipients, aircrafts and more.


    U.S. Military Patches of WW2-Christopher P Brown


    At Close Quarters- Cpt Robert J. Bulkley, Jr. PT Boat units in WW2 with their history, Boats assigned, boat history, campaigns, individual awards and more.


    Army Collar Insignia (officers and enlisted)- McDuff .Each is it's own volume


    AF Combat unit's of WW2

    WW2 Combat Sq's of the USAF

    Both by the AF Historical unit.Both cover WW1-Korea with campaigns, Stations, unit awards & more.


    Couple of more book's I forgot to mention above(Vietnam book's)


    Cecil B. Smyth, Jr did a series on Vietnam insignia.US Special Forces and Vietnam unit patches(Army,Navy,Marine Corps,Air Force, Territorial Forces, & Rangers).If you can find these grab them.Not sure where to look or price.


    Insignia of the Republic of Vietnam Army Airborne Division- Harry Pugh.Not only does it have the patches and badges of the different Vietnam A/B unit it has their history.Also has the different jump wings.Nice color pictures


    United States Army Air Ambulance- Mark M. Hough. Shows the different patches used and a history of each unit.

  2. If you collect Vietnam item's I would suggest the following:


    U.S. Navy Insignia of the Vn War- VerKuilen Ager.

    River Patrol Insignia- Scott Kraka & Stephen Kirby

    Probably the BEST two books on Vietnam era Navy insignia & badges


    Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club- Rene J. Francillon Covers EVERY carrier that served in the Gulf of Tonkin.Has Sq's assigned, a/c shot down with pilot status, enemy a/c destroyed and by who, aircrafts and more.This is a must have.Hard book to find and expensive(can cost up to $200).


    Vietnam Military Lore- MSG Ray A. Bows(ret). List's the different bases(all services), MPC, Coins, and more.


    Coast Guard at War- Alex Larzelere USCG in Vietnam


    Special Forces of the U.S. Army- LTC Ian D.W. Sutherland (ret) Another must have.Again it's probably going to cost you(up to and sometimes over $200)


    The Vietnam ZIPPO - Jim Fiorella. Compares a lot of the junk with originals.Also has some original Zippo artwork.


    U.S. Marine Corps unit insignia in Vietnam '61-'75-E.Richard Wilson III My opinion a lot of the patches look like repro's but some nice back info on each unit.List's ground and air.


    Army Aviation in Vietnam- Ralph B. Young. I think there are 3 book's but I only have 2. Each book covers a different span of years.Show's different insignia for the unit with a nice history.Sometime's right down to PLT level.


    Who's Who from MACV-SOG- Stephen Sherman Another must have.Give's name of soldier with unit, rank, time periods and more.Almost 600 pages.RADIX Press


    Blind Mans Bluff -Sherry Sontag Submarine warfare durn the Cold war.Back has a list of subs with Unit Awards.


    U.S. Special Forces Shoulder & Pocket Insignia- Harry Pugh .Another must have


    Winged Sabers- Lawrence K. Doyle Again another must have. Air Cav insignia and unit histories in Vietnam


    Any and ALL Trading Posts

    Vietnam Insignia Collector Newsletter


    I know this is a long list but these book's have helped me over the years.

  3. In 1965 Admiral Wulzen, was Commanding Task Force 76 and Commander of the Seventh Fleet's Amphibious Task Force who gave the order to "land the landing force" of five thousand Marines on the beaches of Da Nang, South Vietnam on March 8, 1965. In addition to his two Silver Stars he was awarded two Legion of Merit medals. Wulzen retired as a Rear Admiral. Very cool lighter.These were given out to men as an award or thank you for serving.

  4. I think the order of the medals are wrong.It should be, MOH, NC, GCM, Cuban Pac, WW1 Vic, Then possibly a French Legion of Honor.So I am thinking that maybe the last medal was originally the French Legion of Honor and for some reason somebody replaced it with the Navy GC planchet? Just a wild guess.If so the recipient would have been an officer. Does that make sense???

  5. After thinking about it and looking at the rack again and again.Shouldn't the GC be after the Navy Cross? Maybe the GC was originally the French Legion de Honneur and the medal was missing and somebody threw on the GC? Foreign medals are mounted last. Just a thought.

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