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  1. When I was about 15 and my bother 14, he was the German & Japanese collector, we were out trick or treating.We came across a snowman with a german helmet.My brother was to chicken to ask about it so I went up and asked if he would sell it.He said come back when the snowman is gone and he'll give it to me.It ended up being an ORIGINAL SA helmet with the original plastic chin strap.We ended up selling it to a friend of our's, a big German collector.Wish I still had it.


    As far as telling the real worth of something.Sometimes I want to but if the seller is happy to get $20 for a $500 item them who am I to ruin that happiness.There were many a times were I undersold stuff and none of my 'friends' said anything to me.Oh you only want $20 but it's really worth $1000.Here i'll give you $700.Yeah right.I know two wrongs don't make a right but oh well.

  2. A wise man once said, 'Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone'.I'm sure sometime in our years of collecting most or all of use have done this.Not even thinking about keeping item's together.I know I've done and then wished I had kept it together.Sorry to say that it all come's down to dineros, pesos, greenback or what ever you get paid in.

  3. Most of these are easy to tell are junk, misspelling of 'trans' in 51st TRANS DET and just out right poor workmanship.But most are hard to tell.I'm not a 'crow' collector but that Chief Pharm Mate looked good to me.I totally agree with stamping patches know to be reproductions.A lot of the Vietnam patches being made now are just 'fantasy' pieces so it's hard to compare to an original because there is none.

  4. More Photos



    Scary to see the original Amphibious, winged wheel with a landing craft, patch is being re-made.I have an original of this rare patch.For year's I never even know what it was.I just saw one on eBay about 6 months back and didn't even think it could be a repro.As there really isn't a lot of information on this particular patch, I think there is an old Trading Post with some info.I guess they'll make reproduction's of almost anything, even your grandma. Sad. :-(

  5. Some other book's you may need,


    The Mighty Eighth- Roger A Freeman Great book on the 8th AAF.Has Unit histories of the wing's assigned(bomber & fighter), Medal of Honor recipients, aircrafts and more.


    U.S. Military Patches of WW2-Christopher P Brown


    At Close Quarters- Cpt Robert J. Bulkley, Jr. PT Boat units in WW2 with their history, Boats assigned, boat history, campaigns, individual awards and more.


    Army Collar Insignia (officers and enlisted)- McDuff .Each is it's own volume


    AF Combat unit's of WW2

    WW2 Combat Sq's of the USAF

    Both by the AF Historical unit.Both cover WW1-Korea with campaigns, Stations, unit awards & more.


    Couple of more book's I forgot to mention above(Vietnam book's)


    Cecil B. Smyth, Jr did a series on Vietnam insignia.US Special Forces and Vietnam unit patches(Army,Navy,Marine Corps,Air Force, Territorial Forces, & Rangers).If you can find these grab them.Not sure where to look or price.


    Insignia of the Republic of Vietnam Army Airborne Division- Harry Pugh.Not only does it have the patches and badges of the different Vietnam A/B unit it has their history.Also has the different jump wings.Nice color pictures


    United States Army Air Ambulance- Mark M. Hough. Shows the different patches used and a history of each unit.

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