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  1. That's to bad the the B-32's were destroyed.So the Air Force museum doesn't even have one? What a shame.
  2. Well that makes more sense. Kind of weird that it look's like an AGGRESSOR unit.
  3. Since you collect PO patches I have a question.I have some PO2 & 3rd's that have there bottom 'V' stripe cut in the middle and folded back to make a PO1 & PO2.Were these people busted down a grade? I alway's heard the Navy was tough with sailor's, i.e.: Captain's mast.
  4. Tried it.Say's I'm not allowed to attach images.
  5. I had to google the B-32.I never heard of that one.Cool looking aircraft.
  6. In 1965 Admiral Wulzen, was Commanding Task Force 76 and Commander of the Seventh Fleet's Amphibious Task Force who gave the order to "land the landing force" of five thousand Marines on the beaches of Da Nang, South Vietnam on March 8, 1965. In addition to his two Silver Stars he was awarded two Legion of Merit medals. Wulzen retired as a Rear Admiral. Very cool lighter.These were given out to men as an award or thank you for serving.
  7. These were, from what I have alway's read and been told, for Flight Engineer's on the B-29 Super Fort.
  8. Hello, It's for the 230th Medical Battalion.
  9. Nice medal.Wear it proudly. Thank you for your service.
  10. I think the order of the medals are wrong.It should be, MOH, NC, GCM, Cuban Pac, WW1 Vic, Then possibly a French Legion of Honor.So I am thinking that maybe the last medal was originally the French Legion of Honor and for some reason somebody replaced it with the Navy GC planchet? Just a wild guess.If so the recipient would have been an officer. Does that make sense???
  11. After thinking about it and looking at the rack again and again.Shouldn't the GC be after the Navy Cross? Maybe the GC was originally the French Legion de Honneur and the medal was missing and somebody threw on the GC? Foreign medals are mounted last. Just a thought.
  12. Cool.At least now I know I wasn't seeing things.LOL
  13. I know.Sorry.I posted pic's but they never came up.
  14. The HMM-262 look's Philippine or possibly Thai made.
  15. The edges don't look as rounded / smooth as they should be and the name look's off center.I don't think the Marines would almost cut off his first and last name?
  16. Bobby. 1st SPS look's Thai made.If so it could have been part of the 1st SOS?
  17. I agree.Look's like radar domes with F-106's.Could be Niagara Fall's.Look's like waterfall's in the foreground.Not sure about the goat / ram.
  18. The whole sound track to 'Good Morning Vietnam'.Also favorite war movie, 'The Boy's in Company C'.
  19. Don't quote me.But I think the Air Force has started issuing enlisted crew member wing's with the astronaut designator on them.I think they maybe for payload specialists?
  20. I just love the saying.Not really PC but who's going to tell them.About 5" across and look's Japanese made.The USS G.W. was a ballistic missile sub pretty much her whole life except toward the end.From 1983-85 (decommissioned) she was an attack sub, SSN-598.So I'm guessing the patch is from this period.
  21. Nice Marine helicopter squadron patches.
  22. Large jacket patch.almost 5" across.Look's like a glider on the right.Any idea's????
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