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  1. Great group of item's.I am into genealogy and your family's items are amazing.I really like the WW1 German flask and the Japanese book with the plane, wouldn't be able to read it but it look's cool.I love collecting military item's but it makes me sad to see somebody sell a named medal, especially a Purple Heart.I've asked people, are you sure theres nobody in your family that would like to have and take care of this?Usual answer is 'Nope'.Any who glad you have it and thank you and your family for their service. BTW I was a 90250(AF Medic) & a 91A(Army Medic).Stay safe Chief.

  2. Nice jacket.The bottom of the oak leafs & DI's should face the sleeves.A good and inexpensive uniform resource is an Army Officers Guide.You should be able to pick up a 50's version for under $10.

  3. I don't have to check feedback on this one he has posted up about 8 medics lids all unit marked an at least 4 ARVN lids that were "found in a warehouse" or "estate sale." I wouldn't give any of his helmets a second look.



    Some item's are obvious to certain collector's.It also depend's on your expertise.I meant in general it's a good idea to take a look.

  4. Kill's me that here is a MG GEN that has obviously seen a lot of action, DSC, SS, BSM, PH, etc.Plus Gen Staff, JCS & Sec Def badges.If he was a MGEN now he would have ribbons going all the way up and over his shoulder.Not saying they don't deserve the awards they get now, i look and my own from the 80's and can't believe it, just saying.

  5. iconNeu_16x16.gif Paint appears applied after projectile damage. Delivered 27 June 2012 Buyer:

    ameriloe ( 415iconTealStar_25x25.gif) Jun-28-12 14:13 <a href="http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&ftab=AllFeedback&userid=rays_unit&iid=281041390990&de=off&page=1&items=25&interval=365&which=neutral&convFdkId=709598801018&convShow=true#709598801018" style="color: rgb(6, 84, 186); text-decoration: none; ">iconFdbkCnvrsB_20x20.gif VIETNAM ERA-VIETNAMESE ARVIN/RANGER HELMET (#280894871006) US $127.50

    This is his 'neutral' feedback.Interesting.You should always check feedback even if a 100%.

  6. I totally agree with m.rimmer.If somebody asked me 'what is this worth?' I would tell them and if I was interested in the item I would make a fair offer, as I have done before.When I said above that my brother and I sold the helmet it was almost 20 yrs later.We never knew what it was or what it was even worth for all those years.

  7. Forgot to look at super structure.Could be,

    USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7)? LPH-1 was in and out of commission within about 8 months. Patch look's to be from the 50's/60's.You should google the other squadron patches you got with this one and see if any of them had an un-official patch.Could belong to one you already own.worth a shot.Nice looking patch

  8. You reminded of something. When I was in the NG we where attached to the 89th Security Forces at Andrews AFB for a year. On a few occasions an Air Force Sergeant came through the front gate and he had a 29th ID ssi on his uniform. I asked him why and he stated that he was the weather man for the 29th ID.



    I have seen the same thing.When I was at England AFB, LA I saw guy's wearing 5th ID patches.They were combat weather guy's attached to the 5th at Fort Polk, LA.Weird seeing a SSI on an AF fatigue.I don't think they were allowed to wear them on dress uniform's or shirt's.Wonder if they had a pocket hanger?

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