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  1. Nice shirts.I was FLT 349 / 3701st BMTS.We had a choice.White shirts or the 3701st shirts.I wanted the 3701st shirts but pretty much everybody else, majority, wanted white.If you every want to get rid of your 3701st or come across one, lg or xl (now, med back then), please keep me in mind.

  2. Very sad, and I consider cases like this combat casualties of a different sort..."in the rear with the gear" has nothing to do with it. Who knows what he saw in WWII, or what traumatic experiences he lived with? Perhaps he was a retread that contributed his full measure in the Pacific, but was called upon again to serve in Korea. He went, and it got the best of him. We will never know, but a piece like this should be given the same respect we give other posthumous awards....



    Well put.That is what I was trying to say but you really hit the nail on the head.May he and and all that gave the ultimate sacrifice rest in peace.

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