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  1. WOW. Somebody is full of anger.I have been collecting, selling and trading for 30 or so years.You can't say you've been a collector unless you've been burned on an item.I also do not depend on one site or person.All anybody is trying to do is help and give there opinion, and thats what they are, opinions from what we can see.I don't remember seeing anybody promoting themselves, book or website.And I never said you used the word 'crap' in this forum or anywhere.Please read as I said 'and possibly you'.I was just trying to say that KurtA was being miss quoted.As far as the 'mad' part I didn't mean to put the word 'too', just saying I would be mad, sorry about the confusion.We, the members of the forum, are, or suppose to be, adults.I am not going to get into a pissing contest with you or anybody on this forum.If you think it's an original then BRAVO to you for a quality find. Good luck with your future purchases.



    Just in case you missed the announcement. Happy New Year ;-}




    Drone Pilot To Receive First
    Air Force Cross
    Medal Since Vietnam










    By Kimberly Motan, Associated Press







    An Air Force drone pilot who managed to fly his MQ-9 Reaper for 76 straight hours through multiple firefights will receive the Air Force Cross, Air Force officials confirmed today. Major Toby Keene will be the first Airman to receive the nation’s second highest award since the Vietnam War.







    He is also the first American to receive this level of aerial combat decoration for actions taken inside the United States since the attack on Pearl Harbor.







    Keene, from Dubuque, Iowa, will receive the award for his meritorious actions at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada during August 2012. During a week of heavy combat, he stayed at his console for more than three straight days, remotely piloting his Reaper drone through dozens of firefights 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. His aircraft was severely damaged by small arms fire.







    The Air Force is already trumpeting Major Keene as a modern-day
    , the legendary Marine sniper with 93 confirmed kills in Vietnam.
    Air Force officials have pointed out that Major Keene’s 179 confirmed kills during the operation arguably make him one of the greatest marksmen in history.
    There are already plans to use him in recruiting commercials, similar to the Israeli Defense Force’s public parades for missile ace







    Major Keene recently received a congratulatory phone call from Vice President Joe Biden at Creech Air Force Base. “When they told me the Vice President of the United States was calling for me, I was a little reluctant to pick up the phone.
    It was my lunch break, and if you don’t get in line at least an hour early, the only prime rib they have left is medium well.”







    Major Keene eventually took the call while sipping a White Russian and sunning himself at the base relaxation pool in-between missions. This medal will be in addition to the Purple Heart he has already been awarded for severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain endured during the same event.







    A designated senior master drone pilot, Keene has never flown a conventional aircraft. His reporting senior, BGEN Jonathon Manziel says, “…it doesn’t really matter, Keene won a PlayStation TWO flight simulator competition in high school, demonstrating the superior airmanship skills we are looking for.” Also, Manziel noted that he actually put Keene in for a Meritorious Service Medal (his twelfth of this lesser award) “…but the White House ‘bumped it up.’”







    “Most people think of drone pilots as glorified computer junkies, but
    ,” Major Keene told
    the Associated Press
    “We’re out there, days at a time, watching the same compound, with nothing but candy bars from the vending machine to keep us going and the sounds of
    Sons of Anarchy
    playing on our iPods.”







    Keene was accepted by and attended the United States Air Force Academy after failing to meet the academic standards required by Texas A&M University. “I also could have attended the University of Texas, but they aren’t in the SEC!” Keene said.







    The Associated Press has learned that the U. S. Navy had offered Major Keene a congratulatory flight with the Blue Angels. Keene declined the invitation and, while turning away, muttered something on the order of “…pulling G’s is for {sissies}…”




    Funny story.This isn't real, RIGHT? The military and especially the AF has way to many medals and 'career field' pins.When I first joined the AF, '82, only a hand full of people wore a badge.Pilots, aircrew, doctors, nurses, priests, & JAG's.Now everybody and their 5th cousin has a pin.Probably because some general who use to fuel planes didn't have a badge to wear above his ribbons.It's getting overly complicated.


    But back to the originally discussion.I don't think they or anybody needs a new medal.If they can't find one that meets the criteria for the current medals then they don't deserve one.

  3. Here is a Garrison cap that belonged to the general. It is quite soiled. Should I attempt to clean it a little? Any recommendations?







    If I were going to clean it, and I probably would.I would take it to a dry cleaner.They would probably tell you best on how to clean it if they can't.Can not wait to see what else you have.BTW, I like the profile pic change.

  4. I don't think KurtA said anything wrong.His one comment, 'But the design is usually of silk, not felt from the local arts and crafts store'.He was just stating were the felt may have come from.And pretty much all of use, and possibly you, have used the word 'crap' to describe an item.I would be mad too if I paid over $300 for a reproduction.We are all here to help NOT make fun of the situation.As one of the other members stated, your time is running out for a dispute with eBay and pay pal.No mater how many close up pics you add or your reasoning of why you think it's original, it's still a fake.

  5. Message sent


    <a href="http://qu.ebay.com/s...m (find-answers)" id="findAnswers-survey" rel="nofollow" style="color: rgb(6, 84, 186); text-decoration: none; " target="contactEBaySurvey">Tell us what you think [/font]










    Your message about
    Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded 2 Robert McNamara
    has been sent to




    What do you want to do next?


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    What do you think of this one.I asked for a scan of the back of the medal.If I was selling something for 70K I would have all kinds of pictures on the listing.It's not illegal to feel one but you need to have a good title.

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